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Make automatic prototype generation work with more interfaces.

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1 parent 882333c commit 222acc458ce0535ca4bb6c9668e66c0e5071bebe @brammool brammool committed Jul 18, 2010
@@ -86,7 +86,8 @@ DOSBIN_S = dosbin_s
# - With these features: "make proto" (requires cproto and Motif installed;
# ignore warnings for missing include files, fix problems for syntax errors).
# - With these features: "make depend" (works best with gcc).
-# - "make lint" and check the output (ignore GTK warnings).
+# - If you have a lint program: "make lint" and check the output (ignore GTK
+# warnings).
# - Enable the efence library in "src/Makefile" and run "make test". Disable
# Python and Ruby to avoid trouble with threads (efence is not threadsafe).
# - Check for missing entries in runtime/makemenu.vim (with checkmenu script).
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ The Python Interface to Vim *python* *Python*
4. Range objects |python-range|
5. Window objects |python-window|
6. Dynamic loading |python-dynamic|
+7. Python 3 |python3|
{Vi does not have any of these commands}
@@ -327,5 +328,15 @@ The name of the DLL must match the Python version Vim was compiled with.
Currently the name is "python24.dll". That is for Python 2.4. To know for
sure edit "gvim.exe" and search for "python\d*.dll\c".
+7. Python 3 *python3*
+Python 3 support can exist next to Python 2.x.
+*:py3* *:python3* *:py3file*
@@ -1713,9 +1713,10 @@ A jump table for the options with a short description can be found at |Q_op|.
{not in Vi}
{not available when compiled without the |+conceal|
- Determine how text with the "conceal" syntax attribute is shown:
+ Determine how text with the "conceal" syntax attribute |:syn-conceal|
+ is shown:
- 'conceallevel' Effect
+ Value Effect ~
0 Text is shown normally
1 Each block of concealed text is replaced with the
character defined in 'listchars' (default is a dash)
@@ -2566,9 +2566,12 @@ $VIMRUNTIME starting.txt /*$VIMRUNTIME*
:pw editing.txt /*:pw*
:pwd editing.txt /*:pwd*
:py if_pyth.txt /*:py*
+:py3 if_pyth.txt /*:py3*
+:py3file if_pyth.txt /*:py3file*
:pyf if_pyth.txt /*:pyf*
:pyfile if_pyth.txt /*:pyfile*
:python if_pyth.txt /*:python*
+:python3 if_pyth.txt /*:python3*
:q editing.txt /*:q*
:qa editing.txt /*:qa*
:qall editing.txt /*:qall*
@@ -6825,6 +6828,7 @@ new-cmdwin version6.txt /*new-cmdwin*
new-color-schemes version6.txt /*new-color-schemes*
new-commands version5.txt /*new-commands*
new-commands-5.4 version5.txt /*new-commands-5.4*
+new-conceal version7.txt /*new-conceal*
new-debug-itf version6.txt /*new-debug-itf*
new-debug-mode version6.txt /*new-debug-mode*
new-debug-support version7.txt /*new-debug-support*
@@ -6848,9 +6852,11 @@ new-items-6 version6.txt /*new-items-6*
new-items-7 version7.txt /*new-items-7*
new-line-continuation version5.txt /*new-line-continuation*
new-location-list version7.txt /*new-location-list*
+new-lua version7.txt /*new-lua*
new-manpage-trans version7.txt /*new-manpage-trans*
new-map-expression version7.txt /*new-map-expression*
new-map-select version7.txt /*new-map-select*
+new-more-encryption version7.txt /*new-more-encryption*
new-more-highlighting version7.txt /*new-more-highlighting*
new-more-unicode version7.txt /*new-more-unicode*
new-multi-byte version5.txt /*new-multi-byte*
@@ -6863,10 +6869,12 @@ new-operator-mod version6.txt /*new-operator-mod*
new-options-5.2 version5.txt /*new-options-5.2*
new-options-5.4 version5.txt /*new-options-5.4*
new-perl-python version5.txt /*new-perl-python*
+new-persistent-undo version7.txt /*new-persistent-undo*
new-plugins version6.txt /*new-plugins*
new-posix version7.txt /*new-posix*
new-print-multi-byte version7.txt /*new-print-multi-byte*
new-printing version6.txt /*new-printing*
+new-python3 version7.txt /*new-python3*
new-runtime-dir version5.txt /*new-runtime-dir*
new-script version5.txt /*new-script*
new-script-5.4 version5.txt /*new-script-5.4*
@@ -7096,6 +7104,7 @@ python-vim if_pyth.txt /*python-vim*
python-window if_pyth.txt /*python-window*
python-windows if_pyth.txt /*python-windows*
python.vim syntax.txt /*python.vim*
+python3 if_pyth.txt /*python3*
q repeat.txt /*q*
q/ cmdline.txt /*q\/*
q: cmdline.txt /*q:*
@@ -7535,8 +7544,10 @@ sticky-type-checking eval.txt /*sticky-type-checking*
str2float() eval.txt /*str2float()*
str2nr() eval.txt /*str2nr()*
strcasestr() eval.txt /*strcasestr()*
+strchars() eval.txt /*strchars()*
strchr() eval.txt /*strchr()*
strcspn() eval.txt /*strcspn()*
+strdisplaywidth() eval.txt /*strdisplaywidth()*
strftime() eval.txt /*strftime()*
stridx() eval.txt /*stridx()*
string() eval.txt /*string()*
@@ -7550,6 +7561,7 @@ strridx() eval.txt /*strridx()*
strspn() eval.txt /*strspn()*
strstr() eval.txt /*strstr()*
strtrans() eval.txt /*strtrans()*
+strwidth() eval.txt /*strwidth()*
style-changes develop.txt /*style-changes*
style-examples develop.txt /*style-examples*
style-functions develop.txt /*style-functions*
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