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Fix dependencies in help Makefile. (James Vega)

branch : vim73
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1 parent d7c11bc commit 541fd385f5396a84652c74bea2ede4028a3a69d0 @brammool brammool committed Jul 21, 2010
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  1. +3 −1 runtime/doc/Makefile
4 runtime/doc/Makefile
@@ -340,12 +340,14 @@ uganda.nsis.txt: uganda.txt
uganda.txt | uniq >uganda.nsis.txt
# Awk version of .txt to .html conversion.
-html: noerrors tags tags.ref $(HTMLS)
+html: noerrors tags $(HTMLS)
@if test -f errors.log; then more errors.log; fi
-rm -f errors.log
+$(HTMLS): tags.ref
$(AWK) -f makehtml.awk $< >$@

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