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  2. +2 −0 runtime/lang/menu_zh.big5.vim
  3. +37 −23 runtime/syntax/ipfilter.vim
  4. +36 −0 src/INSTALLpc.txt
  5. +4 −8 src/Make_cyg.mak
  6. +4 −1 src/Make_mvc.mak
  7. +2 −0 src/ex_docmd.c
  8. +1 −1 src/globals.h
  9. +1,760 −1,428 src/po/zh_TW.po
26 runtime/doc/netbeans.txt
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-*netbeans.txt* For Vim version 7.0aa. Last change: 2004 Jun 16
+*netbeans.txt* For Vim version 7.0aa. Last change: 2005 Jan 31
@@ -16,7 +16,8 @@ NetBeans ExternalEditor Integration Features *netbeans*
8. Messages |netbeans-messages|
9. Running Vim from NetBeans |netbeans-run|
10. NetBeans protocol |netbeans-protocol|
-11. Known problems |netbeans-problems|
+11. NetBeans commands |netbeans-commands|
+12. Known problems |netbeans-problems|
{Vi does not have any of these features}
{only available when compiled with the |+netbeans_intg| feature}
@@ -197,6 +198,14 @@ NetBeans connection lost for this buffer
for saving changes to this file and NetBeans will no longer
know of these changes.
+ *E744*
+NetBeans does not allow changes in read-only files
+ Vim normally allows changes to a read-only file and only
+ enforces the read-only rule if you try to write the file.
+ However, NetBeans does not let you make changes to a file
+ which is read-only and becomes confused if vim does this.
+ So vim does not allow modifications to files when run with
+ NetBeans.
9. Running Vim from NetBeans *netbeans-run*
@@ -755,7 +764,18 @@ DETACH IDE -> editor: break the connection without exiting the
REJECT Not used.
-11. Known problems *netbeans-problems*
+11. NetBeans Commands *netbeans-commands*
+ *:nbkey*
+:nbkey key Pass the key to NetBeans for processing
+Pass the key to NetBeans for hot-key processing. You should not need to use
+this command directly. However, NetBeans passes a list of hot-keys to Vim at
+startup and when one of these keys is pressed, this command is generated to
+send the key press back to NetBeans.
+12. Known problems *netbeans-problems*
NUL bytes are not possible. For editor -> IDE they will appear as NL
characters. For IDE -> editor they cannot be inserted.
2 runtime/lang/menu_zh.big5.vim
@@ -1 +1,3 @@
+" Menu Translations: Traditional Chinese
source <sfile>:p:h/menu_chinese_taiwan.950.vim
60 runtime/syntax/ipfilter.vim
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
" ipfilter syntax file
" Language: ipfilter configuration file
" Maintainer: Hendrik Scholz <>
-" Last Change: 2005 Jan 23
+" Last Change: 2005 Jan 27
" This will also work for OpenBSD pf but there might be some tags that are
" not correctly identified.
@@ -17,27 +17,41 @@ elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
-" comments
-"syn match ipfComment /#/
-syn match ipfComment /#.*/
-syn keyword ipfQuick quick log dup-to
-syn keyword ipfAny all any
-" rule Action type
-syn region ipfActionBlock start=/^block/ end=/$/ contains=ipfQuick,ipfAny
-syn region ipfActionPass start=/^pass/ end=/$/ contains=ipfQuick,ipfAny
-syn region ipfActionMisc start=/^log/ end=/$/ contains=ipfQuick,ipfAny
-syn region ipfActionMisc start=/^count/ end=/$/ contains=ipfQuick,ipfAny
-syn region ipfActionMisc start=/^skip/ end=/$/ contains=ipfQuick,ipfAny
-syn region ipfActionMisc start=/^auth/ end=/$/ contains=ipfQuick,ipfAny
-syn region ipfActionMisc start=/^call/ end=/$/ contains=ipfQuick,ipfAny
-hi def link ipfComment Comment
+" Comment
+syn match IPFComment /#.*$/ contains=ipfTodo
+syn keyword IPFTodo TODO XXX FIXME contained
+syn keyword IPFActionBlock block
+syn keyword IPFActionPass pass
+syn keyword IPFProto tcp udp icmp
+syn keyword IPFSpecial quick log first
+" how could we use keyword for words with '-' ?
+syn match IPFSpecial /return-rst/
+syn match IPFSpecial /dup-to/
+"syn match IPFSpecial /icmp-type unreach/
+syn keyword IPFAny all any
+syn match IPFIPv4 /\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}/
+syn match IPFNetmask /\/\d\+/
+" service name constants
+syn keyword IPFService auth bgp domain finger ftp http https ident
+syn keyword IPFService imap irc isakmp kerberos mail nameserver nfs
+syn keyword IPFService nntp ntp pop3 portmap pptp rpcbind rsync smtp
+syn keyword IPFService snmp snmptrap socks ssh sunrpc syslog telnet
+syn keyword IPFService tftp www
+" Comment
+hi def link IPFComment Comment
+hi def link IPFTodo Todo
+hi def link IPFService Constant
+hi def link IPFAction Type
hi def link ipfActionBlock String
hi def link ipfActionPass Type
-hi def link ipfActionMisc Label
-"hi def link ipfQuick Error
-hi def link ipfQuick Special
-hi def link ipfAny Statement
+hi def link IPFSpecial Statement
+hi def link IPFIPv4 Label
+hi def link IPFNetmask String
+hi def link IPFAny Statement
+hi def link IPFProto Identifier
36 src/INSTALLpc.txt
@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ Contents:
5. Using Mingw
6. Cross compiling for Win32 from a Linux machine
7. Building with Python support
+8. Building with MzScheme support
@@ -310,3 +311,38 @@ Now just do:
make -f Make_ming.mak gvim.exe
and you will end up with a Python-enabled, Win32 version. Enjoy!
+8. Building with MzScheme support
+(written by Sergey Khorev <>)
+Vim with MzScheme ( support can
+be built with either MSVC, or MinGW, or Cygwin. Supported versions are 205 and
+above (including 299 and 30x series).
+The MSVC build is quite straightforward. Simply invoke (in one line)
+nmake -fMake_mvc.mak MZSCHEME=<Path-to-MzScheme>
+ [MZSCHEME_VER=<MzScheme-version>] [DYNAMIC_MZSCHEME=<yes or no>]
+where <MzScheme-version> is the last seven characters from MzScheme dll name
+If DYNAMIC_MZSCHEME=yes, resulting executable will not depend on MzScheme
+DLL's, but will load them in runtime on demand.
+Building dynamic MzScheme support on MinGW and Cygwin is similar. Take into
+account that <Path-to-MzScheme> should contain slashes rather than backslashes
+(e.g. d:/Develop/MzScheme)
+"Static" MzScheme support (Vim executable will depend on MzScheme DLLs
+explicitly) on MinGW and Cygwin requires additional step.
+libmzschXXXXXXX.dll and libmzgcXXXXXXX.dll should be copied from
+%WINDOWS%\System32 to other location (either build directory, some temporary
+dir or even MzScheme home).
+Pass that path as MZSCHEME_DLLS parameter for Make. E.g.,
+make -fMake_cyg.mak MZSCHEME=d:/Develop/MzScheme MZSCHEME_VER=209_000
+After successful build these dlls can be freely removed, leaving them in
+%WINDOWS%\System32 only.
12 src/Make_cyg.mak
@@ -1,6 +1,8 @@
# Makefile for VIM on Win32, using Cygnus gcc
-# Last updated by Dan Sharp. Last Change: 2005 Jan 19
+# Last updated by Dan Sharp. Last Change: 2005 Jan 29
+# Also read INSTALLpc.txt!
# This compiles Vim as a Windows application. If you want Vim to run as a
# Cygwin application use the Makefile (just like on Unix).
@@ -21,13 +23,7 @@
# MZSCHEME define to path to MzScheme dir to get MZSCHEME support (not defined)
# MZSCHEME_VER define to version of MzScheme being used (209_000)
# DYNAMIC_MZSCHEME no or yes: use yes to load the MzScheme DLLs dynamically (yes)
-# MZSCHEME_DLLS path to MzScheme DLLs (libmzgc and libmzsch).
-# Is used for DYNAMIC_MZSCHEME=no only.
-# c:/windows/system32 isn't a good idea, copy them to some
-# dir and point MZSCHEME_DLLS to this dir.
-# By default $(MZSCHEME) will be used. You can remove
-# these DLLs from $(MZSCHEME_DLLS) after you
-# built Vim (they are used for dll "static" linking only)
+# MZSCHEME_DLLS path to MzScheme DLLs (libmzgc and libmzsch), for "static" build.
# GETTEXT no or yes: set to yes for dynamic gettext support (yes)
# ICONV no or yes: set to yes for dynamic iconv support (yes)
# MBYTE no or yes: set to yes to include multibyte support (yes)
5 src/Make_mvc.mak
@@ -19,7 +19,10 @@
# DYNAMIC_IME=[yes or no] (to load the imm32.dll dynamically, default
# is yes)
# Global IME support: GIME=yes (requires GUI=yes)
-# MzScheme interface: MZSCHEME=[Path to MzScheme directory], MZSCHEME_VER=[version, 205_000, ...]
+# MzScheme interface:
+# MZSCHEME=[Path to MzScheme directory]
+# DYNAMIC_MZSCHEME=yes (to load the MzScheme DLLs dynamically)
+# MZSCHEME_VER=[version, 205_000, ...]
# Perl interface:
# PERL=[Path to Perl directory]
# DYNAMIC_PERL=yes (to load the Perl DLL dynamically)
2 src/ex_docmd.c
@@ -336,6 +336,8 @@ static void ex_tag_cmd __ARGS((exarg_T *eap, char_u *name));
# define ex_endfunction ex_ni
# define ex_let ex_ni
# define ex_unlet ex_ni
+# define ex_lockvar ex_ni
+# define ex_unlockvar ex_ni
# define ex_function ex_ni
# define ex_delfunction ex_ni
# define ex_return ex_ni
2 src/globals.h
@@ -1397,7 +1397,7 @@ EXTERN char_u e_invexprmsg[] INIT(=N_("E449: Invalid expression received"));
EXTERN char_u e_guarded[] INIT(=N_("E463: Region is guarded, cannot modify"));
-EXTERN char_u e_nbreadonly[] INIT(=N_("E680: NetBeans does not allow changes in read-only files"));
+EXTERN char_u e_nbreadonly[] INIT(=N_("E744: NetBeans does not allow changes in read-only files"));
#if defined(FEAT_EVAL) || defined(FEAT_SYN_HL)
EXTERN char_u e_intern2[] INIT(=N_("E685: Internal error: %s"));
3,188 src/po/zh_TW.po
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