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@@ -125,6 +125,22 @@ strings like "((3) of 2)" to appear in the window title.
These are the non-standard options that MacVim supports:
'fullscreen' 'toolbariconsize' 'transparency'
+ *macvim-find*
+Whenever you search for something in Vim (e.g. using "/") the search query is
+copied to the OS X "Find Pasteboard". The idea is that if you search for
+something and switch to another application, then you can hit <D-g> (or <D-G>)
+to repeat the search in the new app. The same feature works if you search in
+some app, switch to MacVim and hit <D-g>.
+Note that the command |n| is not the same as <D-g>. The former will repeat
+the last search made in Vim, whereas the latter searches for the string on the
+OS X Find Pasteboard using the action findNext: (see |:macaction|).
+The <D-g> key equivalent is a great way to bring a search from one window to
+another in MacVim. Simply search for something in one window (using "/") then
+switch to another (e.g. with <D-`>) and hit <D-g> and the search will be
+repeated in the new window.
2. Starting MacVim *macvim-start*
@@ -327,11 +343,14 @@ Here is a random assortment of actions from Actions.plist which might be
Action Description ~
+findNext: Search forward using the "Find Pasteboard"
+findPrevious: Search backward using the "Find Pasteboard"
fontSizeDown: Decrease font size
fontSizeUp: Increase font size
newWindow: Open a new (empty) window
orderFrontCharacterPalette: Show the the "Special Characters" dialog
orderFrontFontPanel: Show the Font panel
+orderFrontPreferencePanel: Show the Preferences panel
performZoom: Zoom window (same as clicking the green blob)
selectNextWindow: Select next window (similar to <D-`>)
selectPreviousWindow: Select previous window (similar to <S-D-`>)

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