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12 src/MacVim/README
@@ -70,14 +70,14 @@ MacVim:
The main nib of is MainMenu.nib which contains the default menu and
an instance of MMAppController, which is connected as the delegate of
-NSApplication. That mens, when MacVim starts it will load this nib file and
+NSApplication. That means, when MacVim starts it will load this nib file and
automatically create an instance of the MMAppController singleton.
A new editor window is opened by calling
-[MMAppController launchVimProcessWithArguments:]. This functions starts a
new Vim process (by executing the Vim binary). The Vim process lets MacVim
know when it has launched by calling -[MMAppController connectBackend:pid:]
-and MacVim responds to this message by calling a new frontend object
+and MacVim responds to this message by creating a new frontend object
(MMVimController) and returns a proxy to this object back to the Vim process.
From this point onward the Vim process communicates directly with the
@@ -87,8 +87,8 @@ It coordinates all communication with the Vim process and delegates output
that affects visual presentation to a MMWindowController object. Read the
Cocoa documentation on the responsibilities of a window controller.
-Input (keyboard & mouse) handling and drawing is handled by a MMTextView
+Input (keyboard & mouse) handling and drawing is handled by a helper object
+(MMTextViewHelper) to the current text view (MMTextView, MMAtsuiTextView).
Distributed Object dangers:
@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ Steps to build (the text before the '$' shows the folder you should
be in when executing these commands):
1. Configure Vim
- src/$ configure --enable-gui=macvim
+ src/$ ./configure --enable-gui=macvim
2. Build Vim executable
src/$ make
@@ -161,4 +161,4 @@ The application bundle can be found inside "src/MacVim/build/Release".
Bjorn Winckler <>
-June 22, 2008
+November 22, 2008

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