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Commits on Dec 21, 2010
  1. Snapshot 56

Commits on Dec 20, 2010
  1. Avoid unnecessary clearing of the status line

    When resizing a (Vim-) window don't use the CLEAR flag as it causes the
    status line to be redrawn (which causes problems for plugins like
    The reason CLEAR was used in the first place was because resizing a
    window would cause display corruption due to wide letters like "w"
    spilling over into the neigboring display cell.  To circumvent this
    problem we now always clear neigboring blank cells whenever a cell is
    cleared (just like other GUIs deal with faked bold glyphs spilling over
    into neighboring display cells).
Commits on Dec 19, 2010
  1. Fix proxy icon response to modified buffers

    The proxy icon is only disabled when the current buffer is modified
    (previously this happened when any buffer was modified).  This also has
    the consequence that the dot in the red "close button" only appears when
    the current buffer is modified.
  2. Merge branch 'vim'

Commits on Dec 17, 2010
  1. updated for version 7.3.087

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    EINTR is not always defined.
    Solution:   Include errno.h in vim.h.
  2. updated for version 7.3.086

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    When using a mapping with an expression and there was no count,
    	    v:count has the value of the previous command. (ZyX)
    Solution:   Also set v:count and v:count1 before getting the character that
    	    could be a command or a count.
  3. updated for version 7.3.085

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Inconsistency with preproc symbols.  void * computation.
    Solution:   Include vimio.h from vim.h.  Add type cast.
  4. updated for version 7.3.084

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    When splitting the window, the new one scrolls with the cursor at
    	    the top.
    Solution:   Compute w_fraction before setting the new height.
  5. updated for version 7.3.083

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    When a read() or write() is interrupted by a signal it fails.
    Solution:   Add read_eintr() and write_eintr().
  6. updated for version 7.3.082

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Leaking file descriptor when hostname doesn't exist.
    Solution:   Remove old debugging lines.
Commits on Dec 10, 2010
  1. Update runtime files.

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  2. Check for conversion error in Core Text renderer

    Original patch by Kazuki Sakamoto.
  3. Merge branch 'vim' into merge

Commits on Dec 8, 2010
  1. updated for version 7.3.081

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Non-printable characters in 'statusline' cause trouble. (ZyX)
    Solution:   Use transstr(). (partly by Caio Ariede)
  2. updated for version 7.3.080

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Spell doesn't work on VMS.
    Solution:   Use different file names. (Zoltan Bartos, Zoltan Arpadffy)
  3. updated for version 7.3.079

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Duplicate lines in makefile.
    Solution:   Remove the lines. (Hong Xu)
  4. updated for version 7.3.078

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Warning for unused variable.
    Solution:   Adjuste #ifdefs.
  5. updated for version 7.3.077

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    When updating crypt of swapfile fails there is no error message.
    	    (Carlo Teubner)
    Solution:   Add the error message.
  6. updated for version 7.3.076

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Clang warnings for dead code.
    Solution:   Remove it. (Carlo Teubner)
Commits on Dec 2, 2010
  1. updated for version 7.3.075

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Missing part of 'wildignorecase'
    Solution:   Also adjust expand()
  2. updated for version 7.3.074

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Can't use the "+ register like "* for yank and put.
    Solution:   Add "unnamedplus" to the 'clipboard' option. (Ivan Krasilnikov)
  3. updated for version 7.3.073

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Double free memory when netbeans command follows DETACH.
    Solution:   Only free the node when owned. (Xavier de Gaye)
  4. updated for version 7.3.072

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Can't complete file names while ignoring case.
    Solution:   Add 'wildignorecase'.
  5. updated for version 7.3.071

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Editing a file in a window that's in diff mode resets 'diff'
    	    but not cursor binding.
    Solution:   Reset cursor binding in two more places.
  6. updated for version 7.3.070

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Can set environment variables in the sandbox, could be abused.
    Solution:   Disallow it.
Commits on Nov 24, 2010
  1. updated for version 7.3.069

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    GTK: pressing Enter in inputdialog() doesn't work like clicking OK
    	    as documented.
    Solution:   call gtk_entry_set_activates_default(). (Britton Kerin)
  2. updated for version 7.3.068

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Using freed memory when doing ":saveas" and an autocommand sets
    	    'autochdir'. (Kevin Klement)
    Solution:   Get the value of fname again after executing autocommands.
  3. updated for version 7.3.067

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Ruby: Init_prelude is not always available.
    Solution:   Remove use of Init_prelude. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto)
  4. updated for version 7.3.066

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Crash when changing to another window while in a :vimgrep command.
    	    (Christian Brabandt)
    Solution:   When wiping out the dummy before, remove it from aucmd_win.
  5. updated for version 7.3.065

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Can't get current line number in a source file.
    Solution:   Add the <slnum> item, similar to <sfile>.
  6. updated for version 7.3.064

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Win32: ":dis +" shows nothing, but "+p does insert text.
    Solution:   Display the * register, since that's what will be inserted.
    	    (Christian Brabandt)
  7. updated for version 7.3.063

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Win32: Running a filter command makes Vim lose focus.
    Solution:   Use SW_SHOWMINNOACTIVE instead of SW_SHOWMINIMIZED. (Hong Xu)
Commits on Nov 16, 2010
  1. Updated runtime files.

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  2. updated for version 7.3.062

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Python doesn't work properly when installed in another directory
    	    than expected.
    Solution:   Figure out home directory in configure and use Py_SetPythonHome()
    	    at runtime. (Roland Puntaier)
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