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Commits on Jan 29, 2011
  1. Snapshot 57

  2. Merge branch 'vim'

Commits on Jan 23, 2011
  1. Refactor MRU code

    Only add to MRU in GUI mode and limit number of files added to the
    maximum that Cocoa will display.
Commits on Jan 22, 2011
  1. updated for version 7.3.107

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Year number for :undolist can be confused with month or day.
    Solution:   Change "%y" to "%Y".
  2. updated for version 7.3.106

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    When 'cursorbind' is set another window may scroll unexpectedly
    	    when 'scrollbind' is also set. (Xavier Wang)
    Solution:   Don't call update_topline() if 'scrollbind' is set.
  3. Fix for 'set fu' in gvimrc

    It is now possible to enter full screen on startup by setting the option
    'fullscreen' in gvimrc.
  4. updated for version 7.3.105

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Can't get the value of "b:changedtick" with getbufvar().
    Solution:   Make it work. (Christian Brabandt)
Commits on Jan 21, 2011
  1. updated for version 7.3.104

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Conceal: using Tab for cchar causes problems. (ZyX)
    Solution:   Do not accept a control character for cchar.
  2. updated for version 7.3.103

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Changing 'fileformat' and then using ":w" in an empty file sets
    	    the 'modified' option.
    Solution:   In unchanged() don't ignore 'ff' for an empty file.
Commits on Jan 20, 2011
  1. Add --nomru switch

    Use this switch from the command line to skip adding file to MRU list
    (Most Recently Used files).  This may be useful when setting e.g.
    $EDITOR to avoid temporary files from being added to the MRU.
  2. Add files opened from command line to MRU

    Only files opened from the command line is added to the MRU (Most
    Recently Used files).  Files opened from inside Vim (using :e, etc.) are
    not added to the MRU.
  3. Raise correct window on file open

    This fixes a regression introduced in commit 210a71b where
    double-clicking a file in Finder that was already open would not cause
    the window/tab containing that file to be raised.
Commits on Jan 18, 2011
  1. Change heuristic to determine cell width

    Some fonts (e.g. Monaco:h9) looked way too tight with the old heuristic
    and the Core Text renderer.  Now the Core Text renderer uses the same
    heuristic as the default renderer.
Commits on Jan 17, 2011
  1. updated for version 7.3.102

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    When using ":make", typing the next command and then getting the
    	    "reload" prompt the next command is (partly) eaten by the reload
    Solution:   Accept ':' as a special character at the reload prompt to accept
    	    the default choice and execute the command.
  2. updated for version 7.3.101

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    ino_t defined with wrong size.
    Solution:   Move including auto/config.h before other includes. (Marius
  3. updated for version 7.3.100

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    When using :normal v:count isn't set.
    Solution:   Call normal_cmd() with toplevel set to TRUE.
  4. Fix untitled window opening regression

    This fixes a regression that caused two windows to open when a file was
    opened from Xcode (one window holding the file, the other empty).
  5. Fix open from Xcode with selection range

    This is an initial attempt to fix a problem where double clicking a
    search result in Xcode would select an incorrect range of characters
    when the file opened in MacVim.  It only works the file uses an 8 bit
Commits on Jan 9, 2011
  1. Merge branch 'vim'

  2. Add suppression tick box to termination alert

    This will disable the warning about multiple window and tabs.  Tiger
    users can access this functionality by setting the user default
    MMSuppressTerminationAlert to 1.
  3. Hide Dock before entering full screen

    This avoids the hide animation from playing after fading to black when
    entering full screen.
Commits on Jan 8, 2011
  1. Avoid switching Spaces when leaving full screen

    This fixes a bug where if the full screen window was moved to another
    Space a Space switch would occur when leaving full screen.
  2. Fix for dragging full screen window in Spaces

    Ensure the full screen window is still covering the screen after having
    dragged it in Spaces (or moved it in any other manner).
  3. Updated runtime files.

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  4. updated for version 7.3.099

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Crash when splitting a window with zero height. (Yukihiro
    Solution:   Don't set the fraction in a window with zero height.
Commits on Jan 4, 2011
  1. updated for version 7.3.098

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Function that ignores error still causes called_emsg to be set.
    	    E.g. when expand() fails the status line is disabled.
    Solution:   Move check for emsg_not_now() up. (James Vega)
  2. updated for version 7.3.097

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Using ":call" inside "if 0" does not see that a function returns a
    	    Dict and gives error for "." as string concatenation.
    Solution:   Use eval0() to skip over the expression.  (Yasuhiro Matsumoto)
  3. updated for version 7.3.096

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    "gvim -nb" is not interruptable.  Leaking file descriptor on
    	    netbeans connection error.
    Solution:   Check for CTRL-C typed.  Free file descriptor.  (Xavier de Gaye)
  4. updated for version 7.3.095

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Win32: In Chinese tear-off menu doesn't work. (Weasley)
    Solution:   Use menu_name_equal().  (Alex Jakushev)
Commits on Dec 31, 2010
  1. Handle resolution changes while in full screen

    If the screen resolution changes (either due to an external monitor
    being unplugged or because the settings were changed manually) the full
    screen window is now resized to match the new resolution.  Before this
    commit full screen was exited on such an event.
    This fixes a bug where the full screen option got out of sync after the
    resolution changed.
Commits on Dec 30, 2010
  1. Avoid switching Spaces when entering full screen

    This fixes a bug where MacVim would switch Space when entering full
    screen (which only occurred when MacVim was assigned to a specific
    Space in the System Preferences).
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