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Commits on Sep 1, 2012
  1. Snapshot 65

  2. Merge branch 'vim'

Commits on Aug 29, 2012
  1. Added tag v7-3-646 for changeset e70485d3f81d

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  2. updated for version 7.3.646

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    When reloading a buffer the undo file becomes unusable unless ":w"
    	    is executed. (Dmitri Frank)
    Solution:   After reloading the buffer write the undo file. (Christian
  3. Added tag v7-3-645 for changeset 1810ee914648

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  4. updated for version 7.3.645

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    No tests for patch 7.3.625 and 7.3.637.
    Solution:   Add more tests for the "gn" command and try/catch. (Christian
  5. Added tag v7-3-644 for changeset fb7c028dcac7

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  6. updated for version 7.3.644

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Dead code for BeOS GUI.
    Solution:   Remove unused __BEOS__ stuff.
  7. Added tag v7-3-643 for changeset fdac34e3afa5

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  8. updated for version 7.3.643

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    MS-Windows: When starting gvim maximized 'lines' and 'columns' are
    	    wrong. (Christian Robinson)
    Solution:   Move the check for gui.starting from ui_get_shellsize() to
  9. Added tag v7-3-642 for changeset 79ac6744237c

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  10. updated for version 7.3.642

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Segfault with specific autocommands.  Was OK after 7.3.449 and
    	    before 7.3.545. (Richard Brown)
    Solution:   Pass TRUE for abort_if_last in the call to close_buffer().
    	    (Christian Brabandt)
  11. Added tag v7-3-641 for changeset c068389057c9

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  12. updated for version 7.3.641

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    ":mkview" uses ":normal" instead of ":normal!" for folds. (Dan)
    Solution:   Add the bang. (Christian Brabandt)
  13. Added tag v7-3-640 for changeset c2c3577021ed

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  14. updated for version 7.3.640

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    It's not easy to build Vim on Windows with XPM support.
    Solution:   Binary files for 7.3.639. (Sergey Khorev)
  15. Added tag v7-3-639 for changeset 1ec385a8faf4

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  16. updated for version 7.3.639

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    It's not easy to build Vim on Windows with XPM support.
    Solution:   Include the required files, they are quite small.  Update the
    	    MSVC makefile to use them.  Binary files are in the next patch.
    	    (Sergey Khorev)
Commits on Aug 23, 2012
  1. Fix version.c, 638 was there twice.

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  2. Added tag v7-3-638 for changeset c0256c4bd91e

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  3. updated for version 7.3.638

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  4. Added tag v7-3-637 for changeset 3b62d8f36cdf

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  5. updated for version 7.3.637

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Cannot catch the error caused by a foldopen when there is no fold.
    	    (ZyX, Issue 48)
    Solution:   Do not break out of the loop early when inside try/catch.
    	    (Christian Brabandt) Except when there is a syntax error.
  6. Added tag v7-3-636 for changeset 616bc1ad4f12

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  7. updated for version 7.3.636

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Not all zero-width matches handled correctly for "gn".
    Solution:   Move zero-width detection to a separate function. (Christian
  8. Added tag v7-3-635 for changeset f7f68f83fc33

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  9. updated for version 7.3.635

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Issue 21: System call during startup sets 'lines' to a wrong
    	    value. (Karl Yngve)
    Solution:   Don't set the shell size while the GUI is still starting up.
    	    (Christian Brabandt)
  10. Added tag v7-3-634 for changeset b7eea2409507

    Bram Moolenaar authored
  11. updated for version 7.3.634

    Bram Moolenaar authored
    Problem:    Month/Day format for undo is confusing. (Marcin Szamotulski)
    Solution:   Always use Year/Month/Day, should work for everybody.
Commits on Aug 19, 2012
  1. Disable toolbar by default

    The toolbar is an anachronism and there are no 2x icons so it looks
    horrendous on a Retina display.  Users can always re-enable it by adding
    "set go+=T" to their ~/.gvimrc.
  2. Default to using CoreText renderer

    The default renderer is too "loose" on OS X 10.8 whereas the CoreText
    renderer looks the same across all platforms.  Furthermore, the CoreText
    renderer is many times faster.
    A downside to the CoreText renderer is that it does not support the text
    input protocols properly, so e.g. three-finger tapping to show
    dictionary results does not work.  It also does not show marked text as
    it is being drawn if the "inline marked text" option is disabled.
Commits on Aug 17, 2012
  1. Fix warnings etc in PSMTabBarControl framework

    This also gets rid of a runtime warning that would get logged on OS X
    10.8 regarding the use of a deprecated method.
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