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jirutka commented Mar 11, 2012


I wrote configuration for yoursway-create-dmg that creates DMG disk image for distributing MacVim in proper Mac way. Also created background image for it. However, I don't know how to properly integrate it to the build process of MacVim, but script itself is working well, as you can see –

@jirutka jirutka Added script for creating nice DMG installation image.
MacVim developers, please integrate it to the build process. I don't know how to do that properly.
necolas commented Mar 12, 2012

This is the latest version of that logo

IMO, this logo is much nicer than the standard Vim logo. I hope there can be some way for you to include it in future versions of MacVim.

jirutka commented Mar 12, 2012

@necolas I found this updated version just after I’ve send commit with the old one and didn’t want to modify it again. However today I had some time on little boring lecture so there’s update. And also commit with replaced application icon with this new one.

You can see how it looks – (legacy version for Snow Leopard) – or modify any other version yourself.


Thanks for the patch.

Having a dmg instead of an archive is nice and something I just never got around to investigating, so this might come in handy. Changing the icon is not an option however -- I have discussed why at length on the vim_mac mailing list, so please look at my reasoning there.

jirutka commented Mar 13, 2012

@b4winckler It’s pity, this new logo is really much nicer. Could it be at least on the background picture for DMG, or should I replace it with the original (ugly) one? In the first two patches is still original icon and new one is only in the background image, so if it would be okay, you can use it. Otherwise I will send new patch.

mephux commented Mar 25, 2012

@necolas @jirutka it's a nice logo (besides the python code in the background) but I agree with @b4winckler it should not deviate from the vim logo.


If you want the new logo, create a shell-script that fetches the logo and installes in on top off the older one

eirnym commented Jul 14, 2015

@jirutka Can you apply same pull request for ?

@jirutka jirutka referenced this pull request in macvim-dev/macvim Jul 18, 2015

Add task for creating DMG installation image #59

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