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Hi, b4winckler.

I've taken the liberty of putting macvim's image assets though a range of optimisation tools. Image optimisation allows us to reduce the footprint of images - meaning faster load times at no cost to image quality. It does this by finding the best (lossless) compression parameters, stripping embedded comments, and removing unnecessary colour profiles. See more.

I found 62 optimisable images, making a 89 KB reduction in size. That's about 47.55% of your total image assets.

Merry Christmas.

Name Reduction
hi16-action-make.png 18.94%
hi22-action-make.png 18.82%
vim16x16.gif 14.46%
vim16x16.png 14.16%
vim32x32.png 14.99%
vim48x48.gif 5.75%
vim48x48.png 15.82%
vimlogo.gif 2.75%
Advanced.png 5.43%
General.png 3.34%
startpage.gif 0.15%
32x32cancel.png 13.96%
AquaTabNew.png 91.72%
AquaTabNewPressed.png 91.64%
AquaTabNewRollover.png 91.61%
AquaTabsBackground.png 89.62%
AquaTabsDown.png 94.73%
AquaTabsDownGraphite.png 76.75%
AquaTabsDownNonKey.png 83.23%
AquaTabsSeparator.png 58.75%
AquaTabsSeparatorDown.png 44.70%
TabClose_Front.png 43.82%
TabClose_Front@2x.png 84.65%
TabClose_Front_Pressed.png 46.31%
TabClose_Front_Pressed@2x.png 85.90%
TabClose_Front_Rollover.png 44.95%
TabClose_Front_Rollover@2x.png 85.86%
TabNewMetal.png 91.55%
TabNewMetal@2x.png 87.36%
TabNewMetalPressed.png 91.58%
TabNewMetalPressed@2x.png 88.37%
TabNewMetalRollover.png 91.51%
TabNewMetalRollover@2x.png 88.44%
Warning.png 80.63%
overflowImage.png 47.66%
overflowImage@2x.png 86.62%
overflowImagePressed.png 31.23%
overflowImagePressed@2x.png 87.55%
pi.png 91.49%
Attention.png 6.53%
Copy.png 33.33%
Cut.png 8.88%
FindHelp.png 8.74%
FindNext.png 13.43%
FindPrev.png 15.21%
Help.png 2.48%
LoadSesn.png 44.03%
Make.png 10.32%
Open.png 5.49%
Paste.png 8.92%
Print.png 8.03%
Redo.png 4.45%
Replace.png 4.63%
RunCtags.png 16.07%
RunScript.png 5.58%
Save.png 4.24%
SaveAll.png 2.00%
SaveSesn.png 47.98%
TagJump.png 5.81%
Undo.png 6.02%
ibeam.png 34.72%
vim-noshadow-512.png 40.26%

Tools used: advpng, gifsicle, jpegoptim, jpegrescan, jpegtran, optipng, pngcrush, pngout. This is an automated bot maintained by @skattyadz


Uhm. Hello? Am I talking to a robot?

I think your commit message is larger than the amount of space saved by recompressing the images. Also, thank you for explaining what the benefits of smaller images are.

The above was meant as humor. Now I must ask seriously: is this pull request a joke/spam?


Sorry for wasting your time, maybe the bot is over-keen. It's only through feedback I can try to make it more useful / scrap it altogether.


@imageoptimiser: thank you for responding in person. Getting pull requests obviously not crafted by a human is a bit jarring and my initial reaction was that I thought some company was trying to push their software on me (I'm still not sure if that is the case actually).

On the other hand, I'm sure your scripts can be useful given the right circumstances (i.e. not in the case of this project where there simply aren't that large savings to be made). However, in my opinion having a bot automatically create pull requests is a bit dubious. Making people aware of the scripts and letting them run it on their projects themselves is probably a better way to go about it (or open pull requests on projects you care about and craft the request message by hand).

Hope that feedback is of some help to you.

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