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Fold columns configuration #30

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Townk commented Feb 17, 2013

I added two options to allow user to configure the way they want their fold column.

The first one is to not print the number representing the fold level which is very annoying when you have foldcolumn=1 or 2.

The second one is to define which characters are used to represent the fold column.

The combination of both can give me the image attached:


Townk added some commits Feb 13, 2013
@Townk Townk Added optino to hide/show level # on fold column.
The new option 'foldcolshowlvl' ('fsl' for short), allow one to hide the
numbers vim show on the fold column to indicate the fold level. This can
help use foldcolumn equals one and don't have a crowded fold column.
@Townk Townk Added option to configure which characters are used in fold column.
Like 'listchars' you can configure 'foldchars' to define which characters
are used to represent a fold onne fold column. Multi-bytes craters are

Thanks for submitting a patch. However, these are all changes to core Vim and as such should be submitted to the vim_dev Google group.

I can only merge changes to the MacVim-specific code (that which goes into the src/MacVim folder).

@b4winckler b4winckler closed this Feb 17, 2013
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