Refactor/adapt to yosemite #45

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I've added a new tab style that conforms with the new look in Yosemite.

I was wondering what you guys think of it so far?

On my todo list so far:

  • Change the way the close button looks and behaves
  • Change tab bar height
  • Change the "New Tab" icon on the right side
  • Change font color depending on tab state - zenangst@67fb6e6

screen shot 2014-09-14 at 11 06 35

zenangst added some commits Aug 25, 2014
@zenangst zenangst Add @jasonlong's proposed icon f1da0db
@zenangst zenangst Add Yosemite tab style 4e1c7f6
@zenangst zenangst Copy PSMMetalTabStyle implementation & interface 97828f1
@zenangst zenangst Enable Yosemite tab style on OS X 10.10 8441d93
@zenangst zenangst Tweak tab bar appearance 1976683
@zenangst zenangst More GUI tweaks bacf495
@zenangst zenangst Fix offset on inactive tabs 6fe3b1d
@zenangst zenangst Remove log statement 64d770d
@zenangst zenangst Remove whitespace 2408320
@zenangst zenangst Change tab size on Yosemite 1767280
@zenangst zenangst Remove +1 width on inactive tabs 74af43f
@zenangst zenangst Fix handling of window states when drawing tabs 1ea814f
@zenangst zenangst Use Yosemite tab style for fullscreen on 10.10 172669f
@zenangst zenangst Change truncating to truncate on head instead of tail
Makes more sense to truncate on head because of Cocoa name-spacing
@zenangst zenangst Fix syntax error ac5406f
@zenangst zenangst Use screen width instead of hardcoded values in tab bar control 7d141a8
@zenangst zenangst Remove text shadow on tabs 345607f
@zenangst zenangst Simplify isKeyWindow declaration 052847a
@zenangst zenangst Add tab bar separator
Making it feel more like Xcode than Terminal (I don’t know how I feel
about this)
@zenangst zenangst Correct color on tabs 14fe0d2
@zenangst zenangst Use Yosemite tab in fullscreen 847447c
@zenangst zenangst Revert "Add @jasonlong's proposed icon"
This reverts commit f1da0db.
@zenangst zenangst Fix type error 41bd4ce
@zenangst zenangst Set text color based on tab state and if window is key 67fb6e6
@zenangst zenangst Make borderColor less intrusive 75dd91b
@zenangst zenangst Add more contrast to the active tab fa6fcfd
@zenangst zenangst Remove rollover effect on tabs 013d781
@zenangst zenangst Increase tab height
Match Xcode 6
@zenangst zenangst Rename object names to be more generic 5d72ef7
@zenangst zenangst Refactor Yosemite tab style
Remove C preprocessor

That looks amazing dude, nice job! Congrats!

tomekw commented Oct 18, 2014

No idea where to raise this issue but entering the fullscreen doesn't work on Yosemite (/cc @b4winckler)

Top left corner:

Bottom left corner:


@tomekw I'm having the same problem.

benoitc commented Oct 27, 2014

@tomekw @maxcountryman I applied this patch in my repo [1] from the google code tracker [2] as a workaround. It seems to fix most case even if resizing is not that good.

[1] benoitc@9f77ac3


This is fantastic, really looking forward to this making it upstream! 👍 👍 👍


Thank u , good job

krid78 commented Oct 30, 2014

I compiled and testes the version (zenangst/macvim). The issue with missing top lines when only one tab is open at full screen mode is still there.





Looks great. 👍

offtopic: @krid78 @benoitc @tomekw About the blank lines there's a fix in progress here - #48



eirnym commented Jan 18, 2015



Awesome work!

I will add these extras to the tasks

[ ] Use hover native scrolls ( invisible ones )
[ ] Dark mode for yosemite

UmkaDK commented Jan 28, 2015



Hey folks, thanks for your support and enthusiasm. Kinda swamped at work right now but this is on my todo-list... and I would love to finish pully.


@zenangst what do you mean by

Change the way the close button looks and behaves

PS: Great job so far! 🎯


hey guys. is there an update on this so far? or got it suspended?

simono commented Mar 13, 2015

I don't think this repository is active anymore. #44 (comment)

Ricain commented Oct 6, 2015


This repo is no longer active, however this one is:

Any chance you could update it?


Would be very cool 👍


This would be really awesome to have. Any chance you could submit the pull request to the new official repo at ? That repo is fairly active now and I'm hoping there will be some people excited to take a closer look at your PR.

@splhack splhack added a commit to macvim-dev/macvim that referenced this pull request Dec 28, 2015
@splhack splhack Yosemite Tab Style based of b4winckler/macvim#45 8c026f6
splhack commented Dec 28, 2015

I've revised this pull request in macvim-dev/macvim#193, now you can improve and send pull requests for feature/yosemite-tab-style branch of

@splhack splhack added a commit to macvim-dev/macvim that referenced this pull request Jan 15, 2016
@splhack splhack Yosemite Tab Style based of b4winckler/macvim#45 e268fb8
@splhack splhack added a commit to macvim-dev/macvim that referenced this pull request Jan 15, 2016
@splhack splhack MacVim Snapshot 91
Binary targets OS X 10.8(Mountain Lion), 10.9(Mavericks), 10.10(Yosemite), and 10.11(El Capitan)

- Vim patch 7.4.1090
- Fix renderer defaults settings, Core Text Renderer should be the default
- Yosemite style Tab bar based on b4winckler/macvim#45

Script interfaces have compatibility with these versions

- Lua 5.2
- Perl 5.16
- Python2 2.7
- Python3 3.5
- Ruby 2.0
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