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Patch for Issue#299 #9

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humblehacker commented Feb 20, 2011

I added a configure option --enable-envycoder which is off by default. I also modified make_icons.py so that it would gracefully fail if the font was not found.

This is probably not the best solution, but it gets around builds failing on a clean checkout when damieng.com is down.


b4winckler commented Feb 21, 2011

Thanks for the patch but unfortunately it does not work. It now never downloads the Envy Code R font, even if the --enable-envycoder switch is given.

When testing your patch I think you need to do "make clean" inside MacVim/icons in between tests in order to really test it.

Do you think you can fix it?

Maybe instead of a switch to configure, is there a way to only use the Envy Code R font if it is in the folder? Perhaps with a target in the Makefile to "get Envy Code R" that I can manually run when building snapshots etc. This may be easier than messing around with the configure script (in my attempts the AC_DEFINE in configure never "reached" the icon Makefile).


humblehacker commented Feb 21, 2011

Yes, I realized my mistake when I woke up this morning. Sorry to waste your time with it. I can fix it, but perhaps an even better solution would be not to depend on a font that can't be redistributed (I assume that's why it's downloaded). Why not instead depend only on fonts already on OS X or a font we can check into the repo. I see "Menlo Regular" hard coded into gui_macvim.m. Could we use that?

If that's not acceptable, I agree then that your suggestion is better than my change to configure - so I'll scrap it and implement your suggested change.


b4winckler commented Feb 21, 2011

I did not write the icon generation program but as far as I can remember the Envy Code R font was chosen because it looked best that small. Simply changing to a stock font will probably make things uglier.

If you have time to find a stock font that looks good at tiny size, then I think it would be nice if we could fall back on a stock font if ECR is missing (but to still use ECR if it is present). Note that MacVim supports OS X 10.4 and up so the font should be available on all supported versions.

levifig commented Feb 23, 2011

Related: MacVim is failing to build because the EnvyCodeR font is not available at the requested URL (http://download.damieng.com/latest/EnvyCodeR is giving a HTTP 500 error). Maybe we should mirror that file somewhere else or update the link to the one in his blog post (http://download.damieng.com/fonts/original/EnvyCodeR-PR7.zip). I tried this and everything compiled fine.


b4winckler commented Feb 23, 2011

Thanks. I updated the URL for now. We really need to make the dependency on ECR optional.

levifig commented Feb 24, 2011

Indeed. Glad I could help.


humblehacker commented Feb 24, 2011

I've submitted a patch on the issue tracker to make ECR optional.

@splhack splhack pushed a commit to splhack/macvim that referenced this pull request Dec 5, 2014

Tae Won Ha Merge pull request #9 from dnerdy/tab-redraw-screen
Redraw screen when using MMBackend gotoTab:withPath:

This issue was closed.

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