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@b4winckler b4winckler Update link to docicon pack 812e1f4
@douglasdrumond douglasdrumond Updated Building (markdown) d6f8d05
@georgevreilly georgevreilly Updated Building (markdown) 7a44f51
@b4winckler b4winckler Updated Building (markdown) 5c7faae
@nico nico Updated Building (markdown) c6ecfa7
@timdiggins timdiggins fixing changed references 8d93dd0
@b4winckler b4winckler Fix broken revert ef873c7
@dougireton dougireton added instructions for cloning Lion branch 3e2242e
@b4winckler b4winckler Fix typos in Building wiki 8cc6cbe
@b4winckler b4winckler Update note about document icons in Building wiki 7dad6dd
@b4winckler b4winckler Add note about Envy Code R in Building wiki cd654be
@b4winckler b4winckler Updated Building (markdown) 58019eb
@b4winckler b4winckler Update Building and FAQ wikis 49e93e0
@b4winckler b4winckler Fix headings in Building wiki dc69e29
@b4winckler b4winckler Add Building wiki page 7b7f51b
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