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NOTE: As of December 2012 GitHub no longer allows uploads of binary files so the hosting of prebuilt binaries of MacVim has been moved back to the Google Code project page.

This page lists changes by snapshot in reverse chronological order since the release of MacVim 7.3. The list itself is not meant to be exhaustive, check the commit history to see every change.

Download the latest snapshot for Mac OS X 10.8, 10.7 and 10.6.

Note that snapshots do not support automatic updating.

Snapshot 71 (Sep 6, 2013)

  • Use noremap in system gvimrc (patch by @bdesham)
  • Undo patch which escaped URLs in mvim: handler (patch by @Sidnicious). See explanation.
  • Update to Vim 7.4.22

Snapshot 70 (Aug 10, 2013)

  • Update to Vim 7.4

Snapshot 69 (Jul 28, 2013)

  • Update to Vim 7.4b BETA

Snapshot 68 (Jul 12, 2013)

  • Fix drawing of wide Unicode characters in Core Text renderer
  • Update to Vim 7.4.9a BETA

Snapshot 67 (Jul 6, 2013)

  • Speed up unicode handling (fixes bug where using unicode in listchars would cause major slowdowns)
  • Avoid screen going white on Retina display
  • Draw hollow cursor properly on Retina display
  • Fix bug where getfontname() would return an empty string
  • Update to Vim 7.4.1a BETA

Snapshot 66 (Dec 12, 2012)

  • Fix bug where updatetime was ignored when ballooeval was enabled
  • The browsedir() function now only allows selection of directories
  • Update to Vim 7.3.754

Snapshot 65 (Sep 01, 2012)

  • Core Text renderer is used by default (change to Cocoa renderer in advanced preferences panel)
  • Toolbar is hidden by default (enable by adding the line set go+=T to ~/.gvimrc)
  • Build as 64 bit binary again (previous Python issue that forced the switch to 32 bit is no longer reproducible, so hopefully it has either gone away with OS X 10.8 or due to some update to core Vim)
  • Fix bug where cursor would spill into neighboring cells on Retina displays
  • Add 2x images for tab bar (Nico Weber)
  • Fix bug where memory usage would build up while MacVim was in the background (patch by Jonathan del Strother)
  • Fix spurious inertial trackpad scrolling issues
  • Flush more aggressively whilst searching in included files (fixes an issue where the completion menu would take a long time to appear)
  • Add way to stop macvim color scheme from loading (add let macvim_skip_colorscheme=1 to `~/.vimrc)
  • Update to Vim 7.3.646

Snapshot 64 (Jan 02, 2012)

This snapshot contains a patch to core Vim which fixes a bug that could cause Vim to crash when closing a split.

  • Fix netbeans support (patch by @ervandew)
  • Update to Vim 7.3.390

Snapshot 63 (Nov 10, 2011)

This snapshot only has updates to core Vim and the runtime files. It is a 32 bit binary since there are problems with the Python interface when building 64 bit on Lion.

  • 32 bit binary (fixes crashes in Python plugins)
  • Update to Vim 7.3.353

Snapshot 62 (Sep 18, 2011)

  • Add preference to disable native full-screen
  • Fix window dimension autosave regression
  • Restore hard-coded Backspace binding (binding this in the system gvimrc caused problems with plugins)
  • Plug minor memory leak
  • Draw underline for inline IM inputs regardless of imdisable setting (Kazuki Sakamoto)
  • Hide tabline separator in full-screen
  • Keep full-screen window maximized when toggling tabline and scrollbars
  • Update to Vim 7.3.315

Snapshot 61 (Jul 27, 2011)

This snapshot is a first attempt at adapting some of the new Lion functionality. (It still runs on Snow Leopard, but there are not many changes on that platform.)

  • Add support for Lion's native full-screen (only in 10.7). Note that native full-screen does not support the background option of 'fuopt'.
  • Change keyboard shortcut to enter full-screen to Ctrl+Cmd+f
  • Add user default MMNativeFullScreen to select native or custom full-screen. On Lion the default is to use native full-screen, but you can revert to custom full-screen by typing defaults write org.vim.MacVim MMNativeFullScreen 0 in Terminal.
  • Maximize both vertically and horizontally by default when entering full-screen (change back to old behavior with :set fuopt=maxvert)
  • Now works again to delete selection by pressing the "delete" key
  • On Lion windows animate when opened

Snapshot 60 (Jul 22, 2011)

  • Fix bug which caused lock-ups when using zsh on Lion
  • Update to Vim 7.3.260

Snapshot 59 (Jul 10, 2011)

This snapshot is targeted to Mac OS X 10.7 early adopters. Previous snapshots had a problem with the Open/Save panels on Lion which is fixed in this snapshot.

  • Fix bug which caused crashes when using the Open/Save panels on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

Snapshot 58 (Jun 27, 2011)

  • Plug a major memory leak
  • Fix bug where no untitled window would open when Dock was clicked
  • Associate with Lua and VHDL file types (Andrea D'Amore and Trond Danielsen)
  • Fix cursor drawing issue when rl was enabled
  • Remove hard-coded Cmd-key mappings
  • Fix bug where view would not maximize when entering full screen on startup
  • Flush drawing queue before running shell commands
  • Update to Vim 7.3.237

Snapshot 57 (Jan 29, 2011)

  • Files opened from command line are added to the MRU (most recently used) files menu. Pass --nomru to avoid adding files to MRU which can be useful e.g. when setting $EDITOR.
  • Now works to immediately enter full screen on startup by adding the line set fu to .gvimrc
  • Monaco 9pt is no longer too narrow in experimental renderer
  • Double-clicking a search result in Xcode now selects the correct range (currently only works for 8 bit encoded files!)
  • Add tick box to suppress warning dialog on exit with multiple windows/tabs open
  • Avoid switching Spaces when entering/leaving full screen
  • Dragging full screen window across Spaces now works
  • Don't exit full screen on resolution change or when unplugging an external monitor
  • Opening new files with a full screen window on another Space no longer causes a new window to open when it shouldn't
  • Window title of full screen windows is now shown on Window menu
  • Update to Vim 7.3.107

Snapshot 56 (Dec 21, 2010)

  • Avoid clearing the command line when resizing a Vim window (fixes problems with Command-T plugin)
  • Proxy icon is only disabled when current buffer is modified
  • Fix crash caused by external commands generating non-UTF8 text (Kazuki Sakamoto)
  • Listen to input source change notifications so CursorIM highlight gets updated properly (Kazuki Sakamoto)
  • Fix problems with window constraining/cascading when using multiple screens
  • Entering full screen on startup now uses correct screen
  • Update to Vim 7.3.087

Snapshot 55 (Oct 5, 2010)

  • Change heuristic for setting the working directory when opening files from Finder: the pwd is never changed for a visible window; a window that is shown as the result of opening files has the pwd set to the directory of the first file opened.
  • Fix marked text regression (introduced in snapshot 54).

Snapshot 54 (Oct 1, 2010)

  • Fix bug which caused DTerm not to work when MacVim was in full screen mode (Dmitry Vazhov)
  • Fix bug where a window would freeze when opening files e.g. via PeepOpen
  • Add support for trackpad swipe gesture. Use swipe left/right to go back/forward in help files. See :h gestures.
  • Don't display an error when opening a file from Spotlight (this would happen if the file did not contain the search query).
  • Fix bug which would cause a window to freeze when using the zsh shell (Nikola Knežević)
  • Update to Vim 7.3.019