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@shadowhand shadowhand Added note about zshenv conflict with PATH in MacVim 754f8ed
@b4winckler b4winckler Add Snapshot 71 to ChangeLog 32808be
@b4winckler b4winckler Add Snapshot 70 to ChangeLog 7cb5a31
@b4winckler b4winckler Add Snapshot 69 to ChangeLog d7c2323
@mutewinter mutewinter Updated ChangeLog (markdown) 3e6451f
@b4winckler b4winckler Add snapshot 68 to ChangeLog 1db1577
@b4winckler b4winckler Add snapshot 67 to ChangeLog 98f4c5c
@b4winckler b4winckler Update link to snapshots for 10.6 and 10.7 075c594
@b4winckler b4winckler Update link to docicon pack 812e1f4
@b4winckler b4winckler Add Snapshot 66 to ChangeLog 42ad67f
@douglasdrumond douglasdrumond Updated Building (markdown) d6f8d05
@georgevreilly georgevreilly Updated Building (markdown) 7a44f51
@b4winckler b4winckler Update 10.6 snapshot link in ChangeLog 37e20e6
@b4winckler b4winckler Add 10.7 snapshot link to ChangeLog 722136f
@nico nico Updated ChangeLog (markdown) 77096b9
@b4winckler b4winckler Add snapshot 65 to ChangeLog 6015339
@b4winckler b4winckler Updated Building (markdown) 5c7faae
@nico nico Updated Building (markdown) c6ecfa7
@gglanzani gglanzani Terminal command for zsh corrected 4698b71
@b4winckler b4winckler Fix guidelines link 5046df0
@gglanzani gglanzani Added a small note on what to additionally do with zsh problems if the method described is not enough. 2584c8b
@gglanzani gglanzani Updated FAQ (markdown) 1d8cff1
@gglanzani gglanzani Updated FAQ (markdown) 704f991
@b4winckler b4winckler Change italic to bold 3b3c4af
@b4winckler b4winckler Add link to 10.6 snapshot 525b289
@b4winckler b4winckler Destroyed use emacs (markdown) 9de4f6e
@yurtaev yurtaev Created use emacs (markdown) bf7d34d
@timdiggins timdiggins fixing changed references 8d93dd0
@b4winckler b4winckler Add snapshot 64 to ChangeLog 6900022
@marlun marlun Updated ChangeLog (markdown) 1dbfbb8
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