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This is a command line tool that can compute up-down signature probabilities. For more information on up-down signatures see the up-down-signature library.

The tool reads lines of space or comma separated numbers from stdin. The first line represents the categorical variable which is intepreted as a list of integers. Subsequent lines are intepreted as lists of doubles. Each line must have the same number of entries as the first line. The up-down signature (cumulative) probability is calculated for each line and printed on stdout.

Usage in R

See the sigscore() function in the bapp library on how to call this tool from within R. Also see the examples directory.


Download a binary version and put it somewhere in your path.

Alternatively, clone this repository and build it with cabal:

$ git clone
$ cd sigscore
$ cabal install

Note that this requires that you have installed a Haskell compiler and cabal, both of which are included in the Haskell platform.