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-This project contains functions for computing with up-down signatures.
+# Up-down signatures
+This repository contains a library for computing up-down signatures
+probabilities. Included is also a command line tool called `sigscore` which
+interfaces with the library.
Up-down signatures are described in:
@@ -9,5 +13,26 @@ The algorithms in this library are a generalization of those described above in
that they can handle the case where each bin of the categorical variable can
hold more than one value.
-This library is used by the command line tool
+## The command line tool
+The tool reads lines of space or comma separated numbers from `stdin`. The
+first line represents the categorical variable which is intepreted as a list of
+integers. Subsequent lines are intepreted as lists of doubles. Each line must
+have the same number of entries as the first line (missing entries should be
+input as `NA`). The up-down signature (cumulative) probability is calculated
+for each line and printed on `stdout`.
+## Installation
+[Download]( a binary version
+and put it somewhere in your path.
+Alternatively, clone this repository and build it with `cabal`:
+ $ git clone
+ $ cd sigscore
+ $ cabal install
+Note that this requires that you have installed a Haskell compiler and `cabal`,
+both of which are included in the
+[Haskell platform](

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