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An MPD (Music Player Daemon) client library, written in pure Python, using Twisted
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Getting python-mpd-twisted

The latest release of python-mpd-twisted can be found at

Getting the latest source code

If you would instead like to use the latest source code, you can grab a copy
of the development version from git by running the command:

    git clone git://


To use this library you need to install a copy of Twisted
<>. The install method described below takes already
care of that.

Installing from source

To install python-mpd-twisted from source simply run the command:

    python install

You can use the `--help` switch to `` for a complete list of commands
and their options. Check <> for more


For information about how to use this library check the documents located
in `doc` and the protocol page of MPD at <>.
A good resource to make yourself familiar with Twisted and its concept
is the blog post series `Twisted Introduction` by Dave Peticolas
found at <>.

Contacting the authors

For a general to get in touch with the project check

The current version has been modified by Oliver Mader
<>, which was previously ported from J. Alexander Treuman's
initial version to Twisted by Jasper St. Pierre <>

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