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@@ -5,16 +5,16 @@ In this category, vulnerabilities related with input received from the user that
The following controls are applied in this category:
**OASAM-DV-001:Cross Site Scripting.** HTML code injection.
**[OASAM-DV-001:Cross Site Scripting.](** HTML code injection.
**OASAM-DV-002:Buffer Overflow.** Buffer overflow.
**[OASAM-DV-002:Buffer Overflow.](** Buffer overflow.
**OASAM-DV-003:SQL Injection.** Command injection in databases.
**[OASAM-DV-003:SQL Injection.](** Command injection in databases.
**OASAM-DV-004:Path Manipulation.** Path injection in file access.
**[OASAM-DV-004:Path Manipulation.](** Path injection in file access.
**OASAM-DV-005:Dos Null Check in IPC.** Null parameter checking.
**[OASAM-DV-005:Dos Null Check in IPC.](** Null parameter checking.
**OASAM-DV-006:Log Injection.** Log injection.
**[OASAM-DV-006:Log Injection.](** Log injection.
**OASAM-DV-007:Intent Injection.** Injection Process Control via intent data.
**[OASAM-DV-007:Intent Injection.](** Injection Process Control via intent data.

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