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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
namespace Brass9.Web.Documents.Barcode
public class Barcode3of9
#region Singleton
public static Barcode3of9 Current { get { return Nested.instance; } }
class Nested
static Nested()
internal static readonly Barcode3of9 instance = new Barcode3of9();
/// <summary>
/// A sparse array of strings indexed by charcode. For example the string for "A" is at codes["A"].
/// Only uppercase letters are encoded.
/// Lookup is simply codes[c.ToUpper()]
/// </summary>
protected string[] codes;
protected Barcode3of9()
codes = new string[91];
codes['0'] = "n n n w w n w n n";
codes['1'] = "w n n w n n n n w";
codes['2'] = "n n w w n n n n w";
codes['3'] = "w n w w n n n n n";
codes['4'] = "n n n w w n n n w";
codes['5'] = "w n n w w n n n n";
codes['6'] = "n n w w w n n n n";
codes['7'] = "n n n w n n w n w";
codes['8'] = "w n n w n n w n n";
codes['9'] = "n n w w n n w n n";
codes['A'] = "w n n n n w n n w";
codes['B'] = "n n w n n w n n w";
codes['C'] = "w n w n n w n n n";
codes['D'] = "n n n n w w n n w";
codes['E'] = "w n n n w w n n n";
codes['F'] = "n n w n w w n n n";
codes['G'] = "n n n n n w w n w";
codes['H'] = "w n n n n w w n n";
codes['I'] = "n n w n n w w n n";
codes['J'] = "n n n n w w w n n";
codes['K'] = "w n n n n n n w w";
codes['L'] = "n n w n n n n w w";
codes['M'] = "w n w n n n n w n";
codes['N'] = "n n n n w n n w w";
codes['O'] = "w n n n w n n w n";
codes['P'] = "n n w n w n n w n";
codes['Q'] = "n n n n n n w w w";
codes['R'] = "w n n n n n w w n";
codes['S'] = "n n w n n n w w n";
codes['T'] = "n n n n w n w w n";
codes['U'] = "w w n n n n n n w";
codes['V'] = "n w w n n n n n w";
codes['W'] = "w w w n n n n n n";
codes['X'] = "n w n n w n n n w";
codes['Y'] = "w w n n w n n n n";
codes['Z'] = "n w w n w n n n n";
codes['-'] = "n w n n n n w n w";
codes['.'] = "w w n n n n w n n";
codes[' '] = "n w w n n n w n n";
codes['*'] = "n w n n w n w n n";
codes['$'] = "n w n w n w n n n";
codes['/'] = "n w n w n n n w n";
codes['+'] = "n w n n n w n w n";
codes['%'] = "n n n w n w n w n";
public string BarcodeHtml(string input)
return BarcodeHtmlBare("*" + input + "*");
public string BarcodeHtmlBare(string input)
// Input strings should only be coming from the hardcoded set in this class - no input validation
if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(input))
return input;
string lineN = "<i></i>";
string lineW = "<b></b>";
string lineN1 = "<i class=first></i>"; // To handle the fence-post problem
string lineW1 = "<b class=first></b>";
//string gapN = "";
string gapW = "<em></em>";
Nearly all symbols have 5 lines and one wide gap.
35 + 9 = 44 chars for most symbols.
A few symbols are longer with several wide gaps, so we budget 60 to be safe.
~30 for the wrapping tag.
var sb = new StringBuilder(30 + 60 * input.Length);
int iInput = 0;
int iMask = 0;
// Wrapping tag, span.barcode
sb.Append("<span class=barcode>");
// Get first symbol mask
string mask = codes[input[iInput]];
// Append first HTML tag from first mask - needs a special class=first applied
sb.Append(mask[iMask] == 'n' ? lineN1 : lineW1);
// We use this body twice, once for the first symbol and once for the remaining symbols; abstract it
var maskLoopBody = new Action<string, int>((_mask, _iMask) =>
if (_iMask % 4 == 0)
// Draw a line, narrow (n) or wide (w)
sb.Append(_mask[_iMask] == 'n' ? lineN : lineW);
// Draw a space
if (_mask[_iMask] == 'w')
// else
//sb.Append(gapN); // empty string
// Finish writing out tags for first symbol, using first mask
for (iMask += 2; iMask < mask.Length; iMask += 2)
maskLoopBody(mask, iMask);
// Begin the generalized loop over input characters and symbol masks, starting with input char 2
for (iInput++; iInput < input.Length; iInput++)
mask = codes[input[iInput]];
for (iMask = 0; iMask < mask.Length; iMask += 2)
maskLoopBody(mask, iMask);
return sb.ToString();
/// <summary>
/// Immutable
/// </summary>
public class Barcode3of9Settings
public string NarrowWidth { get; protected set; }
public string WideWidth { get; protected set; }
public string Height { get; protected set; }
/// <summary>
/// Generated. The CSS rules to use on your page based on these settings.
/// Place inside a style tag, or as the contents of an external stylesheet.
/// </summary>
public string Styles { get; protected set; }
public Barcode3of9Settings(string narrowWidth, string wideWidth, string height)
NarrowWidth = narrowWidth;
WideWidth = wideWidth;
Height = height;
public static Barcode3of9Settings Default = new Barcode3of9Settings("2px", "6px", "50px");
protected void initCss()
string css =
span.barcode, span.barcode i, span.barcode b, span.barcode em {
display: inline-block;
height: {2};
span.barcode i, span.barcode b {
background: #000;
span.barcode b, span.barcode em {
width: {1};
span.barcode i {
width: {0};
span.barcode em {
margin-right: -{0};
span.barcode i, span.barcode b {
margin-left: {0};
span.barcode i.first, span.barcode b.first {
margin-left: 0;
// Avoid having to use {{ to escape braces in source CSS
var regex = new Regex(@"\{([^\d])");
css = regex.Replace(css, "{{$1"); // for String.Format
regex = new Regex(@"([^\d])\}");
css = regex.Replace(css, "$1}}");
Styles = String.Format(css, NarrowWidth, WideWidth, Height);