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A Knowledge as a Service Framework in the IoT Era
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bIoTope's KnaaS & UIaaS


This repository contains the integrated codebase of bIoTope's KnaaS (Knowledge as a Service Framework) and UIaaS (User Interface as a Service) components.

  • KnaaS aims at providing a conceptual reference architecture for the knowledge discovery and sensor fusion in the future IoT. To do so, KnaaS, in its current state of implementation, makes use of Node-RED's flow-based programming interface along with advanced scientific computing and data science libraries. To enable the execution of these knowledge discovery libraries from the Node-RED's visual programming interface a Python Function Node was added. As a result, most of the scientific computing and data science libraries that offer a Python API become accessible in a unified manner inside the KnaaS framework. At the same time, special consideration was given to the integration of Semantic Web Technologies. For that reason, a SPARQL Query Node was added that allows the direct extracting knowledge out of SPARQL endpoints. Last but not least, KnaaS offers a Web-based Python IDE that facilitates the Python coding process. The code can be saved and stored in a way that it is easily read by the Node-RED environment.

  • UIaaS aims at identifying the user interaction patterns and user interface widgets in the domain of Internet of Things(IoT). UIaaS further aims at distributing these user interaction patterns and the user interface widgets in a user friendly manner, that are easy to use, using a graphical tool for both the end users and the UIaaS developers. Moreover, UIaaS strives for providing an envoirnment for UIaaS developers for data integration with the existing Linked Data technologies. UIaaS also targets at developing context-sensitive dashboards that can self-adapt the contents and layout, while using the IoT based identified interaction patterns and widgets. In order to distribute such a tool, UIaaS at the moment uses Node-RED's flow based development environment for UIaaS developers to quickly assemble such context sensitive and semantically enriched dashboards. UIaaS also uses Node-RED Dashboard alongside Node-RED in order to provide such user friendly end-user dashboards.

Getting Started

The project has successfully passed its early alpha state. The core functionality, i.e., O-MI and O-DF interfaces are created and tested to working, the linkage between main knowledge discovery and data mining libraries, such as: SciPy, scikit-learn, etc is enstablished and tested and, finally, special consideration was given to provide a storage mechanism. For this purpose, a MongoDB database is being used.


Please install Docker following the installation guide for your platform: and Docker Compose following the installation guide for your platform:

Building the project

Go to a command prompt and move to the ~/knaas-uiaas directory and run the command

docker-compose up

This will locally bring up a preconfigured KnaaS framework exposed through a browser-based flow editing Node-RED environment and a MongoDB server. If everything worked well, you will be able to point your browser to:

  • http://localhost:1880/, which is the local Node-RED installation, and
  • http://localhost:27017/, which is the local MongoDB server for storing data and/or knowledge created by the KnaaS framework.
  • http://localhost:8080/, which is the local O-MI Node that provides KnaaS & UiaaS worflow.
  • http://localhost:4000/, which is the local web-based Python IDE.

Deployment & Testing

We provide below a brief summary of the codebase's structure so as to easily deploy and test the bIoTope's KnaaS and UIaaS components in various use cases as described in the deliverables:

The various use cases are implemented under the folders: flows and modules. With regard to the ~/knaas-uiaas/modules folder, it hosts a python module which provides some abstractions that permit the data cleaning and the querying of the MongoDB server to be performed in an easier way. The ~/knaas-uiaas/flows folder host eight flows(containing flows for both KnaaS and UIaaS), which can be imported to the Node-RED environment following the instruction described in the following link.

Please not that in order to be able to deploy the flows, the needed credentials should be added inside the modules yaml configuration file.

Deployment Branches

Separate branches are being maintained for the deployment of Pilot's and a general purpose service deployment. Please follow the links below to know more about deployment specific branches:


When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make via issue, email, or any other method with the owners of this repository before making a change.

Please note we have a code of conduct, please follow it in all your interactions with the project.


  • Prodromos Kolyvakis - Initial design and implementation of KnaaS
  • Christian Mader - Initial design and implementation of UIaaS
  • Rohan Asmat - Initial design and implementation of UIaaS


This project is licensed under the GPLv3 License - see the LICENSE file for details.


This project has been developed as part of the bIoTope Project, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 688203.

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