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Console says "There was a Problem reading PtTracker configuration file: Unexpected string in JSON"

  1. Please validate your json file here which will tell you if it has an error and what line it is on.

  2. The default config with 3 transfers should look like this

This is an example config. Please delete all comments, if you decide to copy/paste it anyway.

  "General": {
    "BotName": "", // The name you want displayed on PtTracker
    "Port": 3000, // The port PtTracker GUI will be accessed from
    "Password": "My-PtTracker-Password", // The Password you want to use with the Tracker GUI
    "FiatCurrency": "USD", // Your base local fiat currency - **NOT CRYPTOCURRENCY** 
    "SslEnabled": "false", // If you want ssl please read the note in the step above this
    "LogLevel": "info", // can be info or debug (turn on debug if you are troubleshooting issues)
    "PtDataSyncSecs": 15, // How often it checks PT for data updates
    "ConfigSyncSecs": 5, // How often this file is checked
    "TimeFormat": 24 // Insert your time format, either 12hours or 24hours clocks
  "ProfitTrailer": {
    "WebUrl": "http://localhost:8081", // The url and port of which your PT is running from
    "ServerApiToken": "letmein", // Your PT ApiToken (server.api_token in your PT file)
    "License": "abc123", // Your PT Pro License (or lifetime license)
    "Exchange": "BINANCE" // The exchange your PT License is attached to
  "Transfers": {
    "01/01/2018": 0.01, // First line of transfer can be seen as your start balance.
    "06/15/2018": -0.01, // If you withdraw any funds from your pt instance add the date and transfer amount with a minus
    "12/30/2018": 0.01 // If you deposit more funds into your pt instance add the amount and date
  1. The most common error is having improper spacing on lines or having an extra comma / missing a comma after each line in a string except the last.

Console says can not log into ProfitTrailer OR Could not fetch data from ProfitTrailer OR says password incorrect/invalid!

  1. Stop the PtTracker application.

  2. Make sure your WebUrl is correct WITH the correct port.

  3. Make sure your WebPassword is correct.

  4. Make sure PT is running.

  5. Start the PtTracker application.

  6. If this continues reset your pt password!

Nothing shows up in the monitoring screen when I run

  1. Refresh the page and wait 30 seconds and refresh again.

  2. Stop the PtTracker application.

  3. Make sure "FiatCurrency": "USD", is an actual fiat and not any base pair (BTC, ETH, XMR, USDT and BNB)

  4. Start the PtTracker application.

Nothing starts when I try to run it

  1. If on Windows please make sure you unblocked the application using the setup guide for windows

  2. Make a virus protection exemption for the whole PtTracker folder as sometimes webservers do get flagged as viruses.

Pulling data from first bot on multi-bot setup

  1. Delete your second PtTracker folder and do a fresh install using the "Multi Bot Guide"

Could not validate license OR Crash/close on run

  1. You must use your PT License with correct exchange (NOT PTTRACKER LICENSE)
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