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Ready-to-use components for interactive web applications + framework agnostic integration
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Willow is developed using Smalltalk, providing a simple interface for your web application, no matter the front-end framework you choose.

The tutorials below assume you are familiar with Smalltalk code, and are using Pharo as your development environment. Willow is intended to work alongside the RenoirSt DSL to define the CSS of your application. Some basic knowledge of Seaside is also recommended.


  • The code is licensed under MIT.
  • The documentation is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Quick Start


To learn more about Willow, load Willow-Playground and check the Presentation application. These will also install 2 sample applications: Test Runner and Live Documentation.

Also you can check the FAQs and the rest of the documentation available in the docs folder.

There is also some introductory posts here. And you can ask questions in the #willow channel at or the #willow channel in the Pharo Discord server.

Adding front-end framework support

Willow uses an HTML5 component provider by default. To work with a particular framework, you should install:

Framework Project Status
Bootstrap 3/4 Willow-Bootstrap Active
JQuery UI Willow-JQueryUI Active
Semantic UI Willow-SemanticUI WIP

Adding extensions

Extension Project
Mixpanel Willow Mixpanel
Spinners Willow SpinKit


To load the project in a Pharo image, or declare it as a dependency of your own project follow this instructions.


Check the Contribution Guidelines


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