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Non Breaking Changes

  • Internal clean-ups

Breaking Changes

  • Updated Willow to v10
  • Removed BootstrapConstants BootstrapDatepickerConstants BootstrapSelectConstants and BootstrapCssStyles
  • Bootstrap plugins now automatically converts constants (collapse, tooltip, modal, datepicker, select)

Migration Notes

Review also the Willow v10 Migration Notes

  • References to constants can be changed to Willow constants >> #bootstrap
  • References to HTML classes can be changed to Willow classification >> #bootstrap, but if you use the new command building API it shouldn't be necessary to refer to them.
  • In Bootstrap plugins when using the programmatic API, change the BootstrapConstants BootstrapDatepickerConstants BootstrapSelectConstants references with just the symbol, and the plugin will automatically lookup for the value. For example:
    BootstrapDatepickerConstants sunday turns into #sunday