@gcotelli gcotelli released this May 29, 2018 · 38 commits to master since this release

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Non Breaking Changes

  • Fixed ScrollIntoViewCommand
  • WATagBrush improvements:
    • Implemented apply: in the tag brushes. Now you can use the same command interface used for Willow components in standard seaside tags. For example:
      html span class: WillowCssStyles loading can be written now as html span apply: [ :span | span addClass loading ]
    • Implemented with:applying: in tag brushes
    • Added #interactUsing: to tag brushes so it's easier to apply a WebInteractionInterpreter.
  • Lots of internal clean-up

Breaking Changes

  • Updated Renoir to v6
  • Removed WillowCssStyles and WillowConstants
  • Command Building API:
    • setStyleTo: in the commands now lookups the CSS property values automatically (so the second parameter in the block is no longer supported)
    • Access to constants in the commands now uses >> and symbols instead of message sending, to ease the extension in dependent projects.
    • Access to cssFonts and colors constants is now merged with standard css constants
    • Removed access to cssMediaQuery

Migration Notes:

  • If you we're directly referencing WillowCssStyles or WillowConstants now you need to include the Willow shared pool and use Classification and Constants, and change the message sending so, for example:
    WillowCssStyles willow turns into Classification >> #willow.
  • Change senders of constants in commands, so for example: [:div :constants | constants willow dialogSectionName ... ] turns into: [:div :constants | constants >> #willow >> #dialogSectionName ... ]
  • Senders of cssFonts must use constants >> #css