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Code examples to use OVH AI API marketplace
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Code examples to use OVH AI API marketplace


To use these code examples you will need:

  • A free account on;
  • Tokens generated for the API call you want to use. Each API requires a different token;
  • For PHP: a working PHP >= 7.x environment with cURL and JSON extensions activated;
  • For Python: a working Python >= 3.x environment with Requests library. Official project page:;
  • Ability in your environment to run cURL POST requests (check your networks rules if any). To try it, use for example.


  1. Clone or download your preferedd script example;
  2. Modify it by entering your own API token and required parameters, such as image URL;
  3. Copy this script file in your PHP or Python environment;
  4. When required, please ensure this script has the rights to create a file in his current folder;
  5. For PHP, start your preferred Web browser and reach you script, for example https://www.mywebsite/ai/image-asciify.php;
  6. For Python, run the script in CLI with a python3

And voila.

Usage ang going further

This repository is a proof of concept to encourage the use of wonderful AI APIs for your own needs. OVH AI API marketplace is a lab for now. API and data formats are subject to change.

Be aware that each API has limited amount of calls per minute. You are notified when you reach maximum amount.


Image colorization API + Cocoen (PHP)

AI API proof of concept with PHP

Asciify (Python)

AI API proof of concept with Python

Contribute !

If you have other programming languages or example, please contribute to this repository ! Have fun

Gitter channel to meet the OVH AI team:


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