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Little place for a baby's journey
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Born in New York: a family journal

This is a family journal. First-time parents, we wanted to document our exciting new journey for our future selves as well as our daughter. Since we are Korean expats in New York, this site would also serve as an easy connection channel for us with our families back in Seoul.

Tools used:

  • Jekyll: a no-brainer choice to keep an easy-to-maintain static site
  • Mr.Brown: A Jekyll theme that provides Pinterest-like grid layout. I modified some HTML/CSS and added a little JavaScript to end up with this code structure.
  • HTML/(S)CSS: Obviously. Layout is largely based on Flexbox.


  • Free to use: As for lines of codeHTML/SASS/CSS/JS/Jekyll, or any code in this repo—take whatever you need, tweak however you want, and use anywhere you like. Just know that this site is in constant beta mode and contains lots and lots of ugly codes which could probably be written better.
  • Not to be used without permission: All image, video, and written content are strictly personal and cannot be used anywhere other than this blog in any matter.

Next steps:

  • Better, cleaned-up code: During local testing, I had used a Lightbox Jekyll plugin, which only later I realized is not supported by Github Pages. I could have used another hosting solution or found another Markdown solution, but instead I just haphazardly mixed raw HTML Lightbox tags into Markdown documents. This works for me for now but will make it difficult for me to manage should I decide to change site-wide layout. Once settled, I'd plan to come up with a more sound Lightbox—or a different image viewer—solution that takes full advantage of Markdown.
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