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Slack notifications via Bluetooth RGB LED bulb - blinks on Mention, @channel, and incoming PM
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Slack OrbNotifier

Bluetooth RGB LED bulb integrated with Slack so that it notifies (blinks) on mentions of your user id (@username), @channel, or private message. You can find a full write-up of the project here:


  • Requst an API key/token from Slack:
  • Test out your token with the rtm.start API call:
  • Find your Colorific Bulb's MAC address: sudo hcitool lescan
  • Create a text file in the same folder as the .py files. Name it orbnotifier.config with the following contents: {"token": "[your Slack token]", "mac": "[your bulb's mac address]"} (i.e. {"token": "xoxp-1111111111-2222222222-3333333333-ab123c", "mac": "AA:BB:CC:DD:11:22"})


Just run: python


  • If you don't create a config file first, it will create a stub file which you can then edit and fill in just the three parameters.
  • To stop the service just type in "quit" or "exit" (without quotes), then hit enter/return.
  • If for some reason it doesn't close down cleanly, gets an unhandled error or something, you may see zombie processes. You can scan for these: ps -eLf
  • and kill them by running: sudo kill -9 [pid]
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