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Interactive Markers for the web.
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InteractiveMarkers.js provides an implementation of Interactive Markers for the web based on ros.js and three.js.

In order to reduce data traffic, it requires you to run a proxy node on the topic that you are subscribing to.

The library is designed to be modular, lightweight and to follow the UMD convention.


  • markersthree.js: Visualizes Marker messages in three.js
  • threeinteraction.js: Mouse Interaction library for three.js
  • improxy.js: Client to an Interactive Marker proxy server via ros.js
  • imthree.js: View Interactive Markers using the above libraries


For example WebGL apps, see the examples directory.

To run the basic_controls example, go to the examples directory and run (in two terminals):


roslaunch basic_controls.launch

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