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comick commented Sep 22, 2012

I'm working on some use cases when the availability of a method call is known only once the call has been triggered, so I've introduced the possibility to handle wildcard method calls (only server side) using the '*' character which is not valid for method names according to the XML-RPC standard. Unlike the standard callback, the wildcard handler takes two callbaks, one when the method is manageable, while the other (not found) when not. Sure, the code can describe the new behavior better. I've improved the example and added one test.

Thanks for the work on node-xmlrpc, hope this can help to improve it.



baalexander commented Sep 24, 2012

Thanks @comick for the pull request and test case!

I'll be taking a deeper look at the functionality in the next few days.


baalexander commented Sep 26, 2012

I reviewed the code @comick. I think your issue comes from another issue brought up about how method calls are treated as events. I've started planning out 2.0 of xmlrpc, which should allow for a less hacky way to handle messages, including those not found (a wildcard handler).

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