This is the *pending* location for rosbridge 2.0. Feel free to submit pull requests here now and we'll make sure they get released.
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Rosbridge provides a JSON interface to ROS, allowing any client to send JSON to publish or subscribe to ROS topics, call ROS services, and more. Rosbridge supports a variety of transport layers, including WebSockets.


  • rosbridge_suite is a ROS meta-package, simply including all the rosbridge packages.

  • rosbridge_library contains the Python API that receives JSON-formatted strings as input and controls ROS publishers/subscribers/service calls according to the content of the JSON strings.

  • rosbridge_server contains a WebSocket server implementation that exposes the rosbridge_library.

  • rosapi provides service calls for getting meta-information related to ROS like topic lists as well as interacting with the Parameter Server.


A rosbridge client is a program that communicates with rosbridge using its JSON API. Rosbridge clients include:

  • roslibjs - A JavaScript API, which communicates with rosbridge over WebSockets.