Generate simple 24bit PNG just with a rgba hex value, width and height. (Gradients coming soon)
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Simple PNG generator

This simple PHP script generates one RGB+Alpha colour PNGs for any given width and height. It also has base64 output.

The script first checks if the requested PNG already exists in the folder, if so, just loads the PNG from file; if it hasn't been made before, it generates it with GD, then stores the image for caching.


You only need PHP 5 and above with GD support (which has been standard in PHP for a while now).

Just drop the spng folder somewhere in your project directory and you are done. I recommend droping inside the images folder.

Usage Instructions

From your browser or your code, just call the PNG you want in the following fashion.


So if you want a 32x32 red square: spng/solid_0xFF0000_32x32.png

Or if you want a 200x5 blue rectangle: spng/solid_0x0000FF_200x5.png

Or if you want a 1x1 green dot with 50% of transparency: spng/solid_0x00FF0088.png

Or if you want a 300x1 cyan line but as a base64 string: spng/solid_0x00FFFF_300.png&base64