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BaasBox is an Open Source project that aims to provide a backend for mobile and web apps.

Further information can be found at

API and SDKs documentation is here.

Community forum is here.

Build BaasBox


To build and run BaasBox you need a JDK (not JRE!) (version 8) (download here) and the Play! Framework 2.2.4 (download here).

Important: You must have Play! Framework 2.2.4 installed! BaasBox will not build with other versions.

Once you have installed the above software following, you will be able to build BaasBox.

Download the source code from GitHub


Go to your local BaasBox source code directory and type:

play clean-all baas

Play! will build BaasBox and will create a .zip file in the ./dist directory.

The .zip file contains everything you need to run BaasBox. Unzip it, set the execution permission on the start file and run it.

Windows users can use the start.bat file.

BaasBox will create a new database in the ./db directory, and it will start.

To test it visit http://localhost:9000 and you will see the BaasBox start page.

To access the Admin Console Panel, go to http://localhost:9000/console

Default credentials are:

  • username: admin
  • password: admin
  • application code: 1234567890

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