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Prometheus Exporter for OpenHAB 2
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OpenHAB 2 Prometheus Exporter

A simple and straightforward script for exposing OpenHAB 2 items as Prometheus metrics. Note that the steps below have been based on a Raspberry PI 2 with Raspbian installed.


  • Python 3.5 or higher
  • Gunicorn3


Typically you'd install this script on the same server that runs OpenHAB 2.

  • Install python3 and gunicorn3 packages. Make sure python3 is version 3.5 or higher
    • You can check this by running python3 --version
  • Place in a directory of choice
    • For example in /opt/openhab2-exporter
  • Save openhab2-exporter.service.template as /etc/systemd/system/openhab2-exporter.service
    • Open the file, and update the template:
      • Change the listening port 99999 to a port of your choice
      • If you chose to place the script in a different directory described in this doc, modify the WorkingDirectory property accordingly
  • Start the service
    • systemctl start openhab2-exporter.service

You can check if everything's working correctly by opening http://servername:port, where servername is the name or ip of the server that runs the script, and port is the port you chose to run the service on. If all went well you should see the raw metrics appear.

Also don't forget to add this location to your scrape targets in Prometheus!

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