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Dotfiles and scripts
VimL Shell Lua Python Emacs Lisp
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.config Add config for awesome
.vim Add forked vim-snipmate and its dependencies
.zsh/functions Set exec bit for promt_git_info zsh function
bin Add slowcate script (sudo find / | grep <search>)
.Xdefaults s/Cosmic Sans Neue Mono/Fantasque Sans Mono
.aliases Fix ls aliases for OpenBSD
.bashrc Replace 'less' args in functions for LESS envvar
.conkyrc-lf-ant My internal wlan-if started working, yay!
.emacs Emacs different {fore,back}ground and typofix
.gitconfig Fix indent level in .gitconfig
.gitignore Initial commit
.gitignore_global Don't globally ignore *.sql
.gitmodules Add forked vim-snipmate and its dependencies
.pentadactylrc Show tabline when >1 tab in pentadactyl
.ps1_basic Correctly reset font when echoing PS1
.ps1_ext Add baps1 to prompt (was accidentally removed)
.pythonrc Auto-import django settings module if found
.spectrwm.conf Add spectrwm keybinding for running alsamixer
.tmux.conf Use VI keys in tmux
.vimrc Too bad I'm Dutch and type 'jk' quite often
.xbindkeysrc Use and start xbindkeys and pulseaudio
.xinitrc Set output to VGA1 if not not disconnected
.xombrero.conf Add initial configuration for Xombrero
.zshrc Use diff. Zsh prompt in OpenBSD (for the moment)
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