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This plug-in can load and dump test data in databases, loading function is very flexible, dump function is very simple
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This plug-in aim to resolve many problems, durling rails developping about fixtures. Basic commands is simple. Each commands load or dump fixtures.

rake db:flextures:load
rake db:flextures:dump

Major different point is four.

  1. Fixture file prefered CSV to YAML.
  2. loading don't stop, if table columns are not match fixture file's column
  3. Fixture file name can change, if file name is not equal table name.
  4. Fixture data can translate to use filter, like factory girl.

How to install

This program is implemented Rails Plug-in. If You want to install this plug-in. Please use bundler.

In Gemfile

gem "flextures"

And execute below commands.

bundle install
bundle exec rails generator flextures:initializer

(Development emnvoriment must be ruby2.1 higer and rails3 higher)

How to use

rake command

load command input fixtures file under "spec/fixtures/". (Loading directory can change configuration file)

rake db:flextures:load
rake db:flextures:dump

rake command can set options. For example, this option set dump file name. (Option dump only "users.csv")

rake db:flextures:dump TABLE=users

Other options...

option description
TABLE set table name
MODEL set model name
DIR set directory name
FILE set fixture file name
FORMAT change dump file format(csv or yml)
OPTION other options
T alias TABLE option
D alias DIR option
F alias FIXTURES option

if you change table colum information next comannd regenerate (load fixture and dump) fixtures

rake db:flextures:generate T=users

Other information please see wiki ...

Unit test flexture support

Fixture load function implemented for Unittes Tools (for example, RSpec, Shoulda).

describe ItemShopController do
  flextures :users, :items

flexture function can write like a "fixture" function, implemented in RSpec. But, "flexture" function ignore columns change.

Flextures function can change load file name.

describe ItemShopController do
  flextures :items, :users => :users_for_itemshop # load "users_for_itemshop.csv"

Other option information Please see wiki ...

Flextures load & dump filter

load filter

In config/flextures.factory.rb

Factory filter translate fixture data and set database.

For example, this code set current time to last_login_date column.

Flextures::Factory.define :users do |f|
  f.last_login_date =

This sample, generate name and sex automatically, and other tables data generate

require 'faker'
Flextures::Factory.define :users do |f| if !  # gemerate name [0,1].shuffle.first if ! # generate sex
  # factory filter can generate data, use has_many association
  f.items<< [ master_item_id: 1, count: 5 ), master_item_id: 2, count: 3 ) ]

dump filter

if you need to convert table data into other data format, you use dump filter. (dump filter is same file as load filter)

dump filter has hash arguments, it is formatted colum name key and convert method, proc, lambda value

file is config/flextures.factory.rb

Flextures::DumpFilter.define :users, {
  :encrypted_password => lambda { |v| Base64.encode64(v) }

Other options please see wiki ...

Configuration file

In config/initializers/flextures.rb, configuration file can change load and dump directory

Flextures::Configuration.configure do |config|
  # Load and dump directory change "spec/fixtures/" to "test/fixtures/"
  config.load_directory = "test/fixtures/"
  config.dump_directory = "test/fixtures/"

Other options please see wiki ...

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