Neon language support for PhpStorm / IntelliJ IDEA
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Neon in IntelliJ IDEA / PhpStorm

Neon is a YAML-like language useful for configuration. It is part of Nette framework and it's very nice! You should definitely use it.

This plugin aims to add suppors for this language into PhpStorm (or the whole IntelliJ platform).


  • lexer, parser (internal)
  • syntax highlighting
  • comment/uncomment
  • bracket / parenthesis matching
  • code completion
  • ... more to come


Open project in IntelliJ IDEA as a Plugin project, go to Build -> Prepare for deployment and install in your PHP Storm. Experimental build available here. When it reaches a stable state, it'll be available in plugin repository.


This plugin is in its early development phase, it's not complete at all and it will contain many bugs! Be careful if you decide to use it.

Please tell me what features you'd like in Issues tab.

If you want to contribute, please read