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Presidential Inaugural Speeches

This analysis is provided as simple process to demonstrate methods for handeling data within Cloudera`s Enterprise Hub (EDH). The analysis is to determine if presidential inaugural speeches have become more "democratized" by evaluating the occurance of first person to first and second person in presidential inaugural speeches over time.

Process: Ingest

To make the example replicable, the data will be pulled from a collection of presidential speeches provided by the Miller Center. To load data



There is unique data by document; document id, presidents name, and year (id,pres,year). We will also exract counts of the words {we,us} as we and {me, i} as me. To run R map reduce streaming and load hive metadata:

./hive -f createTableTrans.hql

Alternately, using Python map reduce streaming:

./hive -f createTableTrans.hql

Alternately, using pySpark:

./hive -f createTableTrans.hql

Analytic SQL

Using Impala through the Hadoop User Experience (HUE) application, we can quickly interact through interesting queries. Using impala, these queries can run fast enough that the user can run queries as ad-hoc and await results. We can see using the HUE simple graph functionality that there might be a trend: HUE

Discover: Analytic Database

While you will likely not want to pull all data from hadoop locally, sometimes you can bring back summary results using hive or impala and further analyze locally. Here is an R script to analyze how much of a trend there really is:


R Analysis

Alternately, in python:

Python Analysis


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