A placeholder package that bridges babel-core to @babel/core.
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This repo holds what we're calling a "bridge" package that is meant to ease the transition for libraries that use "babel-core" as a peer dependency for Babel 6.

The issue with Babel 7's transition to scopes is that if a package depends on Babel 6, they may want to add support for Babel 7 alongside. Because Babel 7 will be released as @babel/core instead of babel-core, maintainers have no way to do that transition without making a breaking change. e.g.

peerDependencies: {
  "babel-core": "6.x"

cannot change to

peerDependencies: {
  "@babel/core": "6.x"

without it being a breaking change.


To address this, we're releasing this bridge package, to allow users to do

peerDependencies: {
  "babel-core": "6.x || ^7.0.0-bridge.0"

then where users of this package would originally have done

npm i some-package babel-core

to install Babel 6, they could now do

npm i some-package babel-core@^7.0.0-bridge.0 @babel/core

to install the bridge package, and install Babel 7's core.