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hzoo commented Sep 6, 2016 edited

Data can be wrong in

We're using now

screen shot 2016-10-08 at 11 13 43 am

There is also the issue of bugs in babel, bugs in the implementation, incomplete implementations (it supports the basic test of a feature but not everything), etc. This will require a lot of work to figure out but shouldn't be too bad with testing/attention to detail.

Can also use

@hzoo hzoo added the help wanted label Sep 6, 2016
fson commented Sep 18, 2016

I took a first stab at generating the data from ES compatibility table in #8.

chicoxyzzy commented Sep 24, 2016 edited

Hey! Compatibility table collaborator here! I just want you to know I will be working on moving raw data to a distinct npm package soon.

hzoo commented Oct 6, 2016

We should figure out granularity

  • some browsers implement under a flag: (compat-table has flag, strict, etc) - what are these?
  • maybe the browser implements most of the feature (say 12/13) which covers most use cases etc.
hzoo commented Oct 6, 2016

we'll need to make some PRs to compat-table as we go when we find issues/missing stuff

DZuz14 commented Oct 7, 2016

Any stuff a junior dev can work on? Will gladly help out with anything I can.

hzoo commented Oct 7, 2016 edited

One thing that we want to do (continually) is check that data/plugins.json is actually correct/accurate to both what's actually true (testing in browsers/node) as well as correct to (although annoying)

hzoo commented Oct 15, 2016

We're using compat-table already so we can close this. The issue is just that the data might be not up or date or the logic incorrect but that's an ongoing effort

@hzoo hzoo closed this Oct 15, 2016
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