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6to5 Changelog


  • Internal
    • Upgrade core-js.
  • Bug Fix
    • Fix temp variables not being properly pushed inside of while loops.
  • New Feature
    • Add auxiliaryComment/--auxiliary-comment option that prepends comments to auxiliary helpers.


  • Internal
    • Upgrade core-js.
  • Bug Fix
    • Fix block scoping leaking variables in IIFE mode.
    • Fix tail call transformer exploding on return statements as the consequent of an if statement.
  • New Feature
    • Add validation.react transformer.


  • New Feature
    • Add support for flow type casts and module types.


  • Internal
    • Upgrade acorn-6to5.
    • Use default property on 6to5-runtime.


  • Polish
    • Use better iterator detection in slicedToArray helper and add support for it to the selfContained transformer.


  • Bug Fix
    • Multiline JSX string literals are now supported.
    • Fix scope tracking import specifiers incorrectly.
    • Fix templates incorrectly recursing into their replacements.
  • Internal
    • Type inferrence now extends to function return types.
    • Upgrade acorn-6to5.


  • New Feature
    • Add playground class property initializers.
  • Polish
    • Completely reimplemented scope tracking, can now track types and optimise certain helpers based on it.
    • Extremely fast tail recursion optimisation implementation. Thanks @RReverser!
  • Internal
    • kexec has been removed as an optional dependency and must be user installed.
    • Upgrade regenerator-6to5.
    • Upgrade acorn-6to5.
    • Upgrade core-js.


  • Enable es6.tailCall transformer with the first implementation that only works with self referencing calls until we can implement nested tail calls elegantly.


  • Disable es6.tailCall temporairly after reports of it breaking.


  • Polish
    • Allow tail calls to work across files without the runtime.
  • Internal
    • Upgrade acorn-6to5.


  • Bug Fix
    • Destructuring patterns as the left operator in ForInStatement/ForOfStatement.
  • Polish
    • Make default parameter IIFE invocation smarter.
    • Make __esModule flag non-enumerable. Thanks @daliwali!
  • Internal
  • New Feature
    • Optional es6.blockScopingTDZ is now completely functional and handles all edgecases.
    • super in object literals.
    • Tail call optimisation. Thanks @RReverser!


  • Bug Fix
    • Fix conflicting --module-ids shorthand arg in $ 6to5.
    • Add require hook options to cache key.
    • Fix strict module formatter.


  • New Feature
    • Add commonStandard module formatter.
  • Bug Fix
    • Fix conflicting --module-ids shorthand arg in $ 6to5.
  • Internal
    • Lots of internal refactoring with scope tracking and traversal.
  • Polish
    • Don't return map in the API result if sourceMap was set to "inline".


  • Bug Fix
    • Don't override MemberExpressions with core-js in selfContained if a local binding exists.


  • Bug Fix
    • Fix the require cache.


  • Internal
    • Restructure transformers so they're only ran if the AST contains nodes that they need to worry about. Improves transpilation speed significantly.
  • Bug Fix
    • Fix source maps not tracking end of node locations.
  • Spec Compliancy
    • Use static super references as the home object is actually done at definition time.
  • Polish
    • Force the es6.destructuring transformer to be whitelisted when the es7.objectSpread transformer is.
    • Join sibling string literals when creating JSX.


  • Bug Fix
    • Fix super inside of functions.
    • Fix super constructor inheritance.


  • Bug Fix
    • Add --use-strict to valid node flags in 6to5-node.
    • Fix booleans not being properly stripped from the arguments in 6to5-node.
    • Force .js extension when writing files to directories with 6to5.


  • Bug Fix
    • Fix block scoping inside of while loops.
    • Make module name regex more conservative. Thanks @johlrich!
    • Fix block scoping of constants.
    • Fix istanbul interop.
    • Make JSX transforming more inline with the official transformer with spaces after non-empty last lines.
  • Polish
    • Make it illegal to export a property called __esModule.


  • Polish
    • Add istanbul require interop.
  • Bug Fix
    • Fix incorrect source map column tracking in specific scenarios.


  • Polish
    • Remap top level this to undefined instead of throwing an error.
  • Bug Fix
    • Run selfContained transformer over the regenerator runtime when building 6to5-runtime.
    • Fix t.isReferenced not properly allowing value nodes.


  • Bug Fix
    • Block hoist assignment pattern destructuring.


  • Bug Fix
    • Do all transforms before the regenerator transform is ran.
  • New Feature
    • Added back the 2.x optional runtime.


  • Bug Fix
    • Fix block scoping transformer rewriting breaks and continues to inner labels.


  • Bug Fix
    • Fixed scope tracking for default parameters IIFE.
    • Fixed block scoped functions.
    • Improved bin/6to5 path resolution.
  • New Feature
    • You can now trigger super setters in classes. Thanks @kruppel!
    • Add resolveSourceMap option.
    • Better support and output for block scoping loops with labels.


  • Polish
    • Drop enumerable: false clause from class method definitions as enumerable already defaults to false.
  • Bug Fix
    • Properly transform XJSIdentifier nodes referencing this into a ThisExpression.



  • Bug Fix
    • Don't ignore dynamic import specifiers.
  • Internal
    • Upgrade regenerator-6to5.
  • Polish
    • Use Object.assign in place of extends helper if it exists.
    • Require individual lodash methods. Thanks @stefanpenner!


  • Bug Fix
    • Use debug/node instead of debug to avoid browserify using the browser version that references window.


  • New Feature
    • Add --optional argument to 6to5-node.
  • Bug Fix
    • Fix bug in asyncToGenerator helper where it was incorrectly calling generator iterator functions.


  • Bug Fix
    • Fix modules loose mode using modules instead of es6.modules.


  • Internal
    • Add internal debug messages.
  • Bug Fix
    • Add noScope option to traverse.clearProperties.


  • Bug Fix
    • Fix ast-types RestElement definition.
    • Make es6.forOf loose mode more versatile and support destructuring.


  • Bug Fix
    • In types.getIds make sure the declaration inside of ExportDeclaration is actually a Declaration.


  • Bug Fix
    • Make t.isReferenced more powerful, actually take into consideration all contexts were identifier nodes aren't actually references.
    • Don't camelcase underscores when converting a string to a valid identifier.


  • Bug Fix
    • Split up default function declaration exports due to regenerator destroying the parent export declaration.


  • Internal
    • Upgrade core-js to 0.4.9.
  • Bug Fix
    • Add id to function express scope tracking.


  • Bug Fix
    • Fix block scope variable tracking stopping whenever it hits a new scope.
    • Fix block scope variable tracking breaking on all block statement scopes that have a for loop parent.


  • Internal
    • More reliable default parameter scope.


  • Bug Fix
    • Remove traversal stops from block scope tracking.


  • Internal
    • Ignore options starting with _.


  • Internal
    • Add common plugin options to valid options list.


  • Internal
    • Downgrade kexec as 1.1.0 throws compilation errors.


  • Polish
    • Generated code autoindentation.
    • Moved global uid registry to a scope registry resulting in nicer uids.
    • this is now illegal in the top level scope when using the default useStrict transformer.
    • New asyncToGenerator helper that's much more compact.
    • Throw errors on unknown options.
    • More reliable default parameter scope.
    • Helpers are now compact and have no newlines.
  • Internal
    • Rewritten a lot of the internals to much simpler.
    • Removed TDZ from default parameters as it was very wonky and unreliable.
    • Upgrade core-js to 0.4.6.
    • Upgrade acorn-6to5.
    • JSX support is now on-par with react-tools/esprima.
    • Shorthand destructuring.
  • Bug Fix
    • Generators now work flawlessly with any parameter transformers.
    • Optional async function transformers should not name their functions.
    • Remove unlink event watching in bin/6to5.
    • Fix regenerator variable declarations being incorrectly hoisted breaking scope.
    • Transformers that attempted to simplify expressions that had no consequence now take into account whether it's one of the last statements/expressions in the script.
  • New Feature
    • New selfContained transformer.
    • New undeclaredVariableCheck optional transformer.
    • Added --blacklist and --whitelist options to 6to5-node.
  • Breaking Change
    • Caching is now always enabled for the require hook. It also now no longer caches require resolutions.
    • Bare super(); only works inside of constructors.
    • Removed the optional runtime in favor of the selfContained transformer.
    • This shorthand has been removed from the playground.
    • 6to5/polyfill can now only be required once.
    • CLI
      • --indent option has been removed.
      • --include-regenerator option has been removed.
      • --amd-modules-id option has been removed, use --module-ids instead.
    • Options
      • amdModuleIds option has been removed, use moduleIds instead.
      • includeRegenerator has been removed.
      • ignoreRegex fallback has now been dropped from the require hook. register(/foo/);, register({ ignoreRegex: /foo/ }) -> register({ ignore: /foo/ }).
    • Modules
      • Module interop now only collapses to module.exports when there's a single export that's default.
      • Imports and exports are now illegal anywhere except the root level by default. Set modules to loose mode to allow them everywhere.
    • Transformers
      • Optional fast transformer backwards compatibility support has been removed. Use loose mode.
      • Removed the coreAliasing transformer in favor of selfContained.
      • Renamed transformers:
      • specNoForInOfAssignment -> validation.noForInOfAssignment
      • specSetters -> validation.setters
      • specBlockScopedFunctions -> spec.blockScopedFunctions
      • malletOperator -> playground.malletOperator
      • methodBinding -> playground.methodBinding
      • memoizationOperator -> playground.memoizationOperator
      • objectGetterMemoization -> playground.objectGetterMemoization
      • modules -> es6.modules
      • propertyNameShorthand ->
      • arrayComprehension -> es7.comprehensions
      • generatorComprehension -> es7.comprehensions
      • arrowFunctions -> es6.arrowFunctions
      • classes -> es6.classes
      • objectSpread -> es7.objectSpread
      • exponentiationOperator -> es7.exponentiationOperator
      • spread -> es6.spread
      • templateLiterals -> es6.templateLiterals
      • propertyMethodAssignment ->
      • computedPropertyNames ->
      • defaultParameters -> es6.parameters.default
      • restParameters ->
      • destructuring -> es6.destructuring
      • forOf -> es6.forOf
      • unicodeRegex -> es6.unicodeRegex
      • abstractReferences -> es7.abstractReferences
      • constants -> es6.constants
      • letScoping -> es6.blockScoping
      • blockScopingTDZ -> es6.blockScopingTDZ
      • generators -> regenerator
      • protoToAssign -> spec.protoToAssign
      • typeofSymbol -> spec.typeofSymbol
      • coreAliasing -> selfContained
      • undefinedToVoid -> spec.undefinedToVoid
      • undeclaredVariableCheck -> validation.undeclaredVariableCheck
      • specPropertyLiterals -> minification.propertyLiterals
      • specMemberExpressionLiterals -> minification.memberExpressionLiterals


  • Bug Fix
    • Don't realias variables that are already declared in optional coreAliasing transformer.


  • Bug Fix
    • Add NewExpression as a valid parent for parentheses insertion for ConditionalExpression.


  • Bug Fix
    • Allow rest parameters to be destructuring patterns.
  • Internal
    • Upgrade kexec to 1.1.0.


  • Bug Fix
    • Fix ordering of destructuring and default params.
    • Fix loop body scope.
    • Fix for...of transformation not retaining it's scope.
    • Add destructuring assignment support to scope tracking.
  • Polish
    • More reliable newlines for pretty printing variable declarations.


  • Internal
    • Add coverage and vendor to npmignore.


  • Bug Fix
    • Fix super inside of nested functions.
  • Internal
    • Move let scoping TDZ into a separate transformer until it's more solid.
    • Use process.stdin.write instead of console.log in bin to avoid sprintfification.


  • New Feature
    • Temporal dead zone for block binding.


  • New Feature
    • Block scoped functions.
    • Add --loose all option.
    • Add playground mallet operator thanks to @jridgewell.
  • Bug Fix
    • Rewrote large parts of the let scoping transformer. Now passes all known tests.
  • Internal
    • Even more optimisations thanks to the awesome @gaearon.
    • Upgrade acorn-6to5.
      • Fixes exponentation operator thanks to @charliesome.
      • Fix flow optional parameters with types.
    • Upgrade chokidar to 0.12.6.
    • Upgrade commander to 2.6.0.
    • Upgrade core-js to 0.4.5.
    • Upgrade estraverse to 1.9.1.
    • Upgrade jshint to 2.5.11.
    • Upgrade regenerator to 0.8.9.
    • Upgrade regexpu to 1.0.0.
    • Upgrade source-map to 0.1.43.
    • Upgrade source-map-support to 0.2.9.
    • Upgrade browserify to 8.1.1.
    • Upgrade chai to 1.10.0.
    • Upgrade istanbul to 0.3.5.
    • Upgrade mocha to 2.1.0.
    • Upgrade uglify-js to 2.4.16.


  • Bug Fix
    • Add missing flow type traversal keys.


  • Internal
    • Fix incorrect loop still causing ember-script issues.


  • Polish
    • Rest parameters now allocate the array before populating.
  • Internal
    • loops have been changed to optimized for loops - better performance and no enumeration of protoype keys.
    • Parts of the code generator have now been optimized thanks to gaearon.


  • Spec Compliancy
    • Optional typeof transformer checks for undefined before passing it to the helper.
    • Class methods are now named.


  • Internal
    • Exclude nodes in function parameters and catch clauses from isReferenced check.


  • Internal
    • Add .jsx to list of allowed extensions.


  • Bug Fix
    • Support non-string JSX literals.
  • New Feature
    • Loose mode for some transformers that enables non-spec behavior.
  • Internal
    • Uglify --mangle sort has been added to the build script, cutting minified scripts in half.


  • Internal
    • Make all dependency versions fixed.


  • Bug Fix
    • Allow a string to be passed as the optional option.


  • Bug Fix
    • Support esprima-style catch clause handlers.
  • Polish
    • Don't print a stacktrace for syntax errors in the CLI.


  • Bug Fix
    • Remove stray console.log outputting debug code.
    • Remove Dict from coreAliasing.


  • Bug Fix
    • Fix unnecessary IIFE in default parameters on method calls.
    • Add support for supers inside of closures.
  • New Feature
    • Add --keep-module-id-extensions/keepModuleIdExtensions option to keep extensions in module ids.
  • Polish
    • Special case single argument spread properties in super inside classes.
    • Don't use a variable declaration for class declaration IFFE.
    • Rename inherits helper parameters.
    • coreAliasing transformer now aliases Promise, Set, Map and more. Thanks @AluisioASG.


  • Internal
    • Upgrade core-js to 0.4.4.
  • New Feature
    • Added --include-regenerator option to CLI and includeRegenerator option to API that includes the regenerator runtime if necessary.


  • New Feature
    • Add classesFastSuper optional transformer that doesn't support parent getters and prototype changing.
    • Add forOfFast transformer that speeds up for...of on arrays but produces more code.
    • Add --react-compat to bin/6to5.
  • Spec Compliancy
    • Disallow setters without a single parameter.
    • Add configurable and writable to defined properties.
    • Use define instead of assignment for class methods.
  • Polish
    • Fix bin name in 6to5-node --help.
    • Fix shorthand --whitelist name in bin/6to5.
  • Internal
    • Hot code optimisation of traversal etc thanks to gaearon.


  • Bug Fix
    • Support UpdateExpressions as MemberExpression objects.


  • Bug Fix
    • Remove exportsWildcard helper in favor of defaults.


  • Bug Fix
    • Pass exports to exportWildcard helper to allow for use inside the optional runtime.


  • Bug Fix
    • Fix runtime generator breaking the helper inclusion loop.


  • Internal
    • Upgrade acorn-6to5.
      • Now supports destructuring shorthand properties.


  • Bug Fix
    • Fix computed accessors on object literals.


  • New Feature
    • Add commonStrict, amdStrict and umdStrict module formatters that remove module.exports interop assignment.
    • Add --indent option to the 6to5 CLI.


  • Polish
    • Inherit assignments from their declaration in destructuring.
    • Properly align multi-declarator variable declarations.


  • Polish
    • Indent and add newlines to React.createElement calls in react transformer.
    • Remove Object.assign calls and replace it with an extends helper.


  • New Feature
    • Expose version on browser and node API.
  • Internal
    • Upgrade core-js to 0.4.1


  • Spec Compliancy
    • Disallow reassignments of imports.
  • New Feature
    • reactCompat option to enable pre-v0.12 react components.


  • Bug Fix
    • Fix 2.6.0 regression caused by faulty export default from a source handling.


  • Bug Fix
    • Fix rest parameter keys when on functions with params.


  • Bug Fix
    • Fix rest parameter arguments key.


  • Bug Fix
    • Better handling of number literal property keys.
    • Handle NewExpression paren insertion edegcases better.
  • Internal
    • Fix incorrect AST node identifier("this").
    • Better toIdentifier method that handles reserved words.
    • Upgrade acorn-6to5.
      • Fix exponentiation operator precedence.
      • Fix line terminators after async contextual keywords.
      • Add semicolons as class elements inside of a class body.
    • Upgrade to core-js 4.0.0.
    • Upgrade to regenerator 0.8.3.
      • Fix non-loop labeled statements.
  • New Feature
    • Basic destructuring defaults
    • Add .es to list of supported extensions.
    • Add optional typeofSymbol transformer.
    • Use a for loop for rest parameters instead of Array.prototype.slice.
  • Polish
    • Move "use strict"; to inside module bodies instead of at the top of the file.
    • Better handling of dynamic imports.
  • Spec Compliancy
    • Class inheritance now has a function or null type check.
    • Add interopRequireWildcard around wildcard imports and exports to handle non-object exports.


  • Remove noDuplicateProperties transformer.
  • Better generated UIDs based on nodes.
  • Default parameters now use arguments[i], conditionals and variable declarations instead of using long-form if statements.


  • Upgrade acorn-6to5.


  • Upgrade acorn-6to5.
  • Add optional protoToAssign transformer.
  • Fix missing properties from computed property keys.
  • Make ES7 comprehensions let variables.


  • Make require("6to5/register") work with browserify - #370. Thanks @hughsk!


  • Upgrade acorn-6to5.


  • Move coreAliasing and undefinedToVoid transformers down to catch moduleFormatter transforms.


  • Avoid printing comments if they've already been output.


  • Add module type to browser build <script> handler.
  • Fix some MemberExpression modifying incorrectly setting property to a MemberExpression.


  • Upgrade acorn-6to5.
  • Add support for FunctionDeclarations in bluebirdCoroutines and asyncToGenerators transformers.


  • Upgrade acorn-6to5.
  • Better uids generated for various transformers based on parent node.
  • Alias flat references in coreAliasing transformer.


  • Better whitespace handling of parenthesized expressions due to trailing comments.
  • Fix yield inside of comprehensions.


  • Use a closure always for classes with a super.
  • Always use native loops for array comprehensions.
  • Allow yield inside of comprehensions.
  • Add optional bluebirdCoroutine transformer.
  • Add optional asyncToGenerator transformer.
  • Move useStrict transformer to before _moduleFormatter causing "use strict"; to always be placed the very top.


  • Add parens on expressions with trailing comments.


  • Add undefinedToVoid optional transformer.
  • Use Object.defineProperty for computed properties.


  • Upgrade acorn-6to5.
  • Support circular references and hoist variable declarations in system module formatter.
  • Add optional transformers, including a new coreAliasing transformer that aliases native ES6 static properties to their core-js equivalent.


  • Make system module formatter modules anonymous by default.
  • Fix duplicate comments being output, breaking code.


  • Add cache option to register hook.
  • Update core-js.
  • Fix starting newline not being added on case statements.
  • Fix destructuring VariableDeclarations not inside BlockStatements and Program.


  • Avoid being greedy when destructuring array iterables.


  • Hoist function declarations in system module formatter for circular references.
  • Hoist default function declarations in umd and amd module formatters for circular references.


  • Inherit comments in for-of transformer.
  • Remove interopRequire from system module formatter.


  • Remap UpdateExpression module export binding.
  • Fix automatic closure on PrivateDeclaration in classes.


  • Make string literal generation only escapes unicode that it has to.
  • Internal code generation format options have been exposed.
  • Change playground method binding operator from : to # removing ambiguous syntax with terns.
  • Fix rest parameters in async and generator functions.
  • Export/import declarations replace by the modules transformer now inherit comments.
  • Added playground flag to 6to5-node.
  • 6to5-node now behaves the same as node.
  • 6to5-node now uses kexec to become the forked process to correctly propagate signals on unix.
  • Constants are now block scoped.
  • Exposed ast transformer.
  • Merged commonInterop and common module formatters.
  • Fix generator comprehensions not inheriting arguments, this etc.
  • Object and class mutator shorthand are now enumerable.
  • Remove regenerator Generator has already finished error which isn't spec-compliant.
  • Expose internal spec transformers that nicen up code output.
  • Add export variable declaration default initializers.
  • Propagate export declaration reassignments.
  • Add initializer default to block scoped variable declarations within a loop.
  • Flow type support.
  • Make async/await contextual keywords.
  • Allow yielding of non-objects.
  • Class declarations now lack an IIFE.
  • Support falsy and null super classes.
  • Add support for experimental abstract references private declarations.
  • Leave out IIFE for class declarations.
  • Switched to core-js from es6-symbol and es6-shim for built-in polyfill.
  • amd and umd module formatters now behave the same as common with interopRequire.
  • Micro-optimizations to boost performance by 200%.
  • Rename module formatter methods import to importDeclaration and export to exportDeclaration.
  • Support multiple declarators in export variable declarations.
  • Freeze tagged template literal object.
  • Remove inlined regenerator fork.
  • Remove ParenthesizedExpression.
  • Rename object-spread helper to object-without-properties.
  • Rename class-props helper to prototype-properties.
  • Rename extends helper to inherits.
  • Completely rewritten system module formatter.


  • Don't alias GeneratorFunction and check the name which causes minifiers to remove the name and throw an error later on when we check if it's set.


  • Fix files only containg comments not being output.
  • Fix duplicate comments on property key shorthands.


  • Add default initializer to let variables within loop bodies.
  • Fix excessive break replacement inside of switches in let scoping.


  • Add object getter memos and this shorthand to playground.
  • Fix while loops in let scoping.
  • Upgrade acorn-6to5.


  • Fix template literals escaping.


  • Fix let scoping of while loops.
  • Make class methods enumerable.


  • Fix duplicate dynamic expressions in call spread.


  • Fix let scoping unneccesary override.


  • Avoid ensuring a block on non-array node replacements.


  • Upgrade acorn-6to5.
  • Fix JSON recursion error for unknown code generator node types.
  • Ensure that a statement is a block on block/statement types when replacing them with multiple nodes.


  • Merge pretzel maps and method binding.


  • Add playground pretzel maps.


  • Fix commonInterop default export handling.
  • Fix keyworded property key identifiers being turned into computed property key literals.


  • Inherit comments from ClassDeclaration.



  • Fix --debug in bin/6to5-node. Thanks @timoxley.


  • Ignore XJSEmptyExpressions in react transformer output.


  • Fix util.regexify on falsy values.
  • Fix _aliasFunction with rest parameters.
  • Export as module.exports instead of exports.default if there are no other ExportDeclarations in commonInterop module formatter.
  • Add system module formatter. Thanks @douglasduteil.


  • Add support for AssignmentExpression destructuring outside of ExpressionStatement.


  • Fix VirtualPropertyExpression visitor keys.


  • Only use a single reference in abstract references.


  • Upgrade acorn-6to5.
  • Add experimental exponentiation operator support.


  • Fix experimental object spread/rest helper.


  • Upgrade acorn-6to5.
  • Add experimental support for object spread/rest.
  • Change arguments to array to an additional helper method.


  • Fix single spread element returning itself.


  • Upgrade acorn-6to5.
  • Add experimental support for abstract references.


  • Optimize Array.from usage by adding a helper method.
  • Upgrade acorn-6to5.


  • Fix constructor spread optimisation. Thanks @zloirock.


  • Put experimental ES7 features behind a flag --experimental and experimental option.
  • Constructor spread performance increase. Thanks @RReverser.
  • Use self instead of window in the optional 6to5 runtime. Thanks @RReverser.


  • Support computed property destructuring.


  • Update acorn-6to5, ast-types, es6-shim, chokidar, estraverse and private.


  • Collect references that haven't been declared in scope.


  • Fix generator function export hoisting.


  • Update fs-readdir-recursive and chokidar.
  • Support array destructuring on iterables.
  • Make amd module id optional. Thanks @webpro.


  • Fix unneccesary let scoping replacement.
  • Add commonInterop module formatter. Thanks @Naddiseo.
  • Fix return outside of function body bug. Thanks @brentburg.
  • Add more flexible option types.


  • Append sourceMappingURL when using bin/6to5 and output sourcemaps.


  • Add comments option and --remove-comments flag. Thanks @webpro.
  • Embed regenerator.


  • Use global reference instead of window.


  • Add moduleName, sourceRoot and filenameRelative options. Thanks @darvelo.
  • Traversal optimisations.


  • Fix comments not being retained from MethodDefinition in classes.
  • Add temporal dead zone in default parameters.


  • Update acorn-6to5.


  • Fix duplicate let scoping in functions.
  • Make JSX whitespace more React-compliant.
  • Add _memberExpressionKeywords transformer that turns keyword identifiers to computed literals.
  • Upgrade regenerator-6to5.


  • Support duplicate constants within different block scopes.
  • Fix for-head duplication testing and replacement.
  • Support raw property on tagged template literals.


  • Make scope tracker more reliable to handle all edgecases.


  • Block scope classes.
  • Fix generation of integer Literals in MemberExpression.


  • Fix let scoping var hoisting.


  • Escape unicode characters when generating string Literals.
  • Fix semicolons being output for statements in ExportDeclaration.
  • Fix WithStatement missing parenthesis.


  • Temporarily forbid AssignmentExpression destructuring outside of ExpressionStatement.


  • Update to latest acorn-6to5.


  • Update to latest acorn-6to5.


  • Fix excessive whitespace trimming resulting in innaccurate sourcemap line.


  • Add doc folder for documentation.


  • Support generator comprehensions.
  • Use Array.from instead of Array.prototype.slice in spread transformer.
  • Support spread in NewExpressions.


  • Upgrade matcha to 0.6.0 and browserify to 6.3.2.
  • Add own trimRight helper instead of relying on the string instance method.
  • Support JSX spreads that aren't the first.


  • Fix this and arguments mapping in the _aliasFunctions transformer.


  • Combine jsx and react transformers to react.
  • Update react syntax output to React v0.12.


  • Fix JSX literal whitespace generation.


  • Avoid using a switch for let-scoping continue and break statements and use an if statement instead.
  • Remove excess whitespace and newlines from JSX literals.


  • Update regenerator-6to5
  • Add support for most escodegen formatting options