Is it possible to compile default parameters without usage of "arguments"? #1814

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SkReD commented Jun 24, 2015

Generated code is not optimizing in v8 because of this


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kittens commented Jun 24, 2015

No it doesn't. Specific cases of arguments usage are optimised and this is one of them. No way to do default parameters without it since the arity shouldn't be changed.


(function(foo = 1){}).length === 0 certainly surprised me but I must admit the spec is a bit difficult for my mere mortal brain to comprehend :)
{edit} For those who may find this later, the behavior is defined here

Regardless this is a large performance impact, with up to 2000x performance hit.

Is this something that could be a candidate for a loose mode flag?


For magnitude, the Firefox operations per second are on the order of 833,518,046 operations/sec for ES5/6 and 452,602 operations/sec for Babel. Chrome is 80,841,415 vs. 7,336,055 so these potentially fall into the "good enough, just don't use on the hot path" category of code.

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