Odd issue with arrow functions and this scope #733

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When using the npm library thinky, I have the following snippet of code:

User.pre('save', (next) => {

    console.log("pre save event\n", this)


Where this will be undefined. However, if I change the arrow function to an ES5 function:

User.pre('save', function(next) {

    console.log("pre save event\n", this)


this is defined as expected. What would cause this to be undefined with an arrow function?

@chrisabrams chrisabrams referenced this issue in neumino/thinky Feb 9, 2015

`this` in `pre('save')` is undefined. #177


this is lexically scoped in arrow functions. See #730.


Ah ok...learned something new today :) Thanks @developit and @stebru

@chrisabrams chrisabrams closed this Feb 9, 2015

@sebmck, this is the third or fourth example of this sort of question being raised. Do you think we should put it on the website or docs somewhere?

dashed commented Feb 9, 2015

Yes please.

First sentence is already misleading:

Arrows are a function shorthand using the => syntax.


That is exactly how I was mislead. I did not realize that the => behaves similarly to the => in CoffeeScript.


Open an issue in https://github.com/6to5/6to5.github.io please

kittens commented Feb 9, 2015

@eventualbuddha Not sure if there's anything else that can be done since in all the examples where arrow functions are shown they're always presented with an automatic lexical scope binding.

@kittens kittens added the invalid label Feb 9, 2015
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