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[feature request] Better handling of file extensions #8652

loganfsmyth opened this Issue Sep 8, 2018 · 0 comments


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loganfsmyth commented Sep 8, 2018

Feature Request

A request we've gotten in several different contexts is for Babel to have better file extension handling. This is particularly clear in the context of Typescript, because we don't want to process.ts files unless users have enabled @babel/preset-typescript. Unfortunately, Babel currently pretty much just processes whatever it is given and assumes that it will be able to parse it, so if it is given Typescript without the plugin enabled, it will just throw errors about unknown syntax.

Some examples:

Essentially, these all come down to a primary question, which is, how does Babel decide what files to process? Before the release of 7.x, I experimented quite a bit around file extension handling. The behavior I lean toward is, Babel should be passed all files, and if it doesn't care about a file, it can behave like the file was ignoreed.

The primary concern from my point of view is, which stopped me from landing my PR in 7.x, was what about files have have non-standard extensions? For instance, .vue templates still get passed to Babel. Do we require all users of vue to enable a Babel plugin to opt into compilation of .vue files? The downside there is that .vue files in Webpack are only sometimes JavaScript. Sometimes, it might be the actual Vue template file. Ideally Webpack would have some way to split up files, so we'd at least get a .js.vue file or something, but it's not really obvious what the right behavior is, and we were very close to releasing 7.x by the time I started thinking about this issue.

A few other questions:

  • What should Babel do if no filename is given? (This may have answered itself, since we now require a filename to be given, in order to use preset-typescript, unless you pass an option).
  • What about cases like @babel/register where we need to know the extensions up front in order to register the require hooks? We'd need a concept of a project root config, which we kind of have now with configFile and babel.config.js, but we have no infrastructure to query that project-wide config for things like registered file extensions. It also means that if you loaded preset-typescript in a .babelrc, we'd still always ignore .ts files, which isn't the best.
  • Do we want extensions to have metadata associated with them? In 7.x for instance we hard-coded .mjs to be sourceType: "module" always, is that what we want in the long run, or should it be a configurable flag attached to each extension?
  • Do we want this to try to handle output extensions, for things like gulp-babel and @babel/cli that frequently write files back to disk after transformation?

It's definitely something we should think through for 8.x though.

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