Implement support for async generator functions and for-await statements #3473

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This PR depends on babel/babylon@b926e40. Tests will fail until the next babylon release, but submitting early for feedback.

This change implements the async iteration proposal, currently at stage 2. It includes the following features:

  • Transforms async generator functions (async function* g() { }) to wrapped generator functions, similar to the current async-to-generator transform.
  • Transforms for-await statements into for loops containing yield expressions.


Implementation Notes

Additional comments inline.

Async Generator Functions

Async generator functions are transformed into regular generator functions, wrapped with a call to a new helper function (asyncGenerator.wrap). Within the async generator function, await expressions are translated into yield expressions, where the argument is "boxed" using another helper function (asyncGenerator.await). The wrapper function detects instances of the "boxed" values and knows that it should "pump" the generator with the awaited value instead of yielding to the consumer.

Rather than duplicate the async wrapping transform in babel-helper-remap-async-to-generator, I chose to refactor that helper to allow an optional await wrapping callee.


Since for-await statements can also appear inside of regular async functions and must take into account whether or not await expressions are "boxed", the for-await translation is done inside babel-helper-remap-async-to-generator. Most of the for-await transform logic comes from the existing for-of transformer.

@zenparsing zenparsing commented on the diff Apr 18, 2016
@@ -16,9 +16,9 @@ class Class {
var _this2 = this;
- (function () {
- _this2;
- });
+ () => {
zenparsing Apr 18, 2016 Contributor

I looks to me like the current async-to-generator transform is unnecessarily transforming arrows that are nested within nested function declarations and expressions.

Is there some reason why arrows nested within a nested function would need to be translated?

@zenparsing zenparsing referenced this pull request in tc39/proposal-async-iteration Apr 19, 2016

Babel support #25

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@hzoo hzoo added this to the 6.x milestone Apr 21, 2016

Since this functionality was in Babel v5, any idea when this will make it into the current Babel?

hzoo commented May 4, 2016
@zenparsing zenparsing Implement support for async generator functions and for-await statements

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Can someone help explain the failing "codecov/changes" check? I can quite figure out what's going on there.

hzoo commented May 6, 2016

I think there are some issues with codecov (recently), I wouldn't worry about it atm


OK. It seems like we should have some eval tests, but I'm not sure if that's really possible given the async nature of this transform? Are there any functional tests for async functions?

hzoo commented May 13, 2016

I don't think there have been - only which was a test for hoisting Otherwise I would check out the existing exec.js tests


Anymore progress on this? This unlocks a lot of potential and code broke since it was in Babel v5 :(

baslr commented Jun 6, 2016

Then, finally we can iterate nicely over a database query cursor

@hzoo hzoo modified the milestone: 6.x, Minor Jun 13, 2016

Is there anything I can help with here to get this integrated into a Babel release?


@jprichardson There a failing code coverage test which I can't make heads or tails of, and there really ought to be some sort of "exec" tests, but I haven't had time to sit down and figure out how to make that work for async operations.

hzoo commented Jun 21, 2016

@zenparsing Don't worry about the coverage issue like I mentioned above

@hzoo hzoo modified the milestone: Next Minor, Minor Jun 22, 2016
ghost commented Jun 24, 2016

Just found out that Babel does NOT transpile arr.includes to ES5 arr.indexOf.


@wifiextender Correct, you load babel-polyfill for that. This has nothing to do with this thread though.


According to transform-regenerator docs we already support async generators?


@tonyxiao that is if you use the regenerator runtime. This seems to be for use with native generators.


I see. @Kovensky got it thanks.

@BLamy BLamy referenced this pull request in tc39/ecmascript-asyncawait Jul 27, 2016

Async arrow functions don't work with default destructed parameters. #101

@hzoo hzoo added the es-proposal label Aug 18, 2016

@zenparsing, do you still have plans to finish this? It will be awesome!

hzoo commented Sep 7, 2016

Yes but we need a code review and some more exec tests as mentioned above - unless we want users to be our testers 😛

domenic commented Sep 15, 2016

FYI, we're hoping to push the async iteration proposal to stage 3 at the next TC39 meeting (in two weeks' time). I totally understand if the Babel maintainers don't have the time to take this pull request over the finish line, but it would be ideal if Babel supported such a stage 3 feature.

hzoo commented Sep 18, 2016

I'l try to take a look this week or at least finish up the tests so we can get this used/tested

hzoo commented Sep 24, 2016

@zenparsing can you fixup the merge conflicts? If I don't get around to the tests we'll just merge as is so we can get something out there like @domenic said

@hzoo hzoo self-assigned this Sep 24, 2016
hzoo commented Sep 26, 2016

Going to merge manually in another pr

hzoo commented Sep 27, 2016 edited

Made #4576, feel free to comment there. (fixed merge conflicts, added async exec test)

@hzoo hzoo closed this Sep 27, 2016
hzoo commented Sep 27, 2016

Thanks @zenparsing, sorry for the super long delay

@clarkbw clarkbw referenced this pull request in devtools-html/debugger.html Sep 30, 2016

babel-plugin-transform-async-to-generator@6.16.0 breaks build 🚨 #850

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