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Should we also support strictMode (noted as TODO in https://github.com/babel/babylon/blob/master/src/options.js#L27)?

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Thanks. I added one comment that I'm not sure about

- plugins: []
+ allowImportExportEverywhere: this.opts.allowImportExportEverywhere,
+ allowReturnOutsideFunction: this.opts.allowReturnOutsideFunction,
+ allowSuperOutsideMethod: this.opts.allowSuperOutsideMethod,
danez Oct 7, 2016 edited Member

did you try if you can set this options? I think that the OptionsManager would throw an Error when trying to set these options in e.g babel.transform(code, { allowImportExportEverywhere: true }) because it does not know the options. So maybe we should only set sourceType, sourceFilename and plugins here because the rest of the options could now be set via the new parserOpts option anyway. https://github.com/babel/babel/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#rocket-new-feature-1

danez Oct 7, 2016 Member

Same also applies for the strictMode I think.

existentialism Oct 7, 2016 Member

You're right, not sure why I thought it worked before. Updated!

hzoo Oct 7, 2016 Member

Yep I was going to mention that too - if there are invalid might as well not use them and get everyone to use parserOpts instead

@danez danez added the tag: polish label Oct 7, 2016
@existentialism existentialism Update babel parser options
danez approved these changes Oct 7, 2016 View changes
sourceType?: "module" | "script";
- filename?: string;
- features?: Object;
plugins?: Object;
hzoo Oct 7, 2016 Member

I guess plugins is an Array here - Array<Object>?

@hzoo hzoo update [skip ci]
@hzoo hzoo merged commit 0aa3ac2 into babel:master Oct 7, 2016

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danez commented on lib/parser.js in 45e98b5 Oct 7, 2016 edited

I think it is Array String>

hzoo replied Oct 7, 2016

Oh your right, funny thing is we aren't using flow atm https://github.com/babel/babel/blob/master/Makefile#L49 - we can do the same thing we did for eslint though and turn it back on and fix all our errors

danez replied Oct 7, 2016

yeah good idea. we could also set it to be allowed to fail for as long we haven't fixed it.

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@existentialism @panagosg7 existentialism + panagosg7 Update babel parser options (#4688)
* Update babel parser options
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