Run ESLint on test files, and fix lint errors in test files. #4732

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DrewML commented Oct 15, 2016 edited
Bug fix? no
Breaking change? no
New feature? no
Deprecations? no
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Fixed tickets #4714
License MIT
Doc PR reference to the documentation PR, if any

Closes #4714. Updated ESLint globbing patterns in the makefile to run over test folders now under packages, in addition to src. Also ran --fix to autofix a bunch of errors, and manually fixed the few that aren't autofixable.

This change includes adding some globals new env (mocha) globals to be ignored in .eslintrc. I should note that this will treat those identifiers as globals in all files, not just test files. The alternative to this would be to drop a .eslintrc in every test directory, or add an ignore comment to the top of each test file, but that seems like it would be a pain longterm.

@DrewML DrewML changed the title from Run ESLint on test files, and fix lint errors in test files. Closes #4714 to Run ESLint on test files, and fix lint errors in test files. Oct 15, 2016
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"extends": "babel",
+ "globals": {
+ "test": true,
hzoo Oct 15, 2016 Member

Would these be covered with the mocah env for globals?

DrewML Oct 15, 2016 Member

Ooohh, good call. Pushed the change

@DrewML DrewML Run ESLint on test files, and fix lint errors in test files
- 'var x = function x(y) {',
- ' return y;',
- '};'
+ "\"use strict\";",
hzoo Oct 15, 2016 Member

We can totally use template strings here (different pr)

hzoo commented Oct 15, 2016

Awesome this is great! First PR! 🎉

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* master: (38 commits)
  chore(package): update browserify to version 13.1.1 (#4762)
  Increase test coverage (#4742)
  Make getBinding ignore labels; add Scope#getLabel, Scope#registerLabel (#4758)
  Add variance node type and generate property variance annotations (#4697)
  Add make command to delete node_modules (#4748)
  fixes [skip ci]
  Support ObjectExpression in static path evaluation (#4746)
  Fix replacing for-of if inside label (#4736)
  Replace `path-exists` with `fs.existsSync` (#4731)
  Avoid unnecessary +0 in transform-es2015-parameters (#4738)
  [import()] Initial support for dynamic-import (#4699)
  Fix line endings on checkout
  Automatically generate missing expected.js fixtures (#4735)
  Fix few typos in issue/pr templates (#4739) [skip ci]
  contributing updates [skip ci]
  increase git depth [skip ci]
  Change usage of "suite"/"test" in unit-tests to "describe"/"it" (#4734)
  Run ESLint on test files, and fix lint errors in test files (#4732)
  Add .gitattributes forcing LF line endings (#4730)
  Update tests for changed error messages in Babylon (#4727)
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