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v6.13.0 (2016-08-04)

If you are getting an error like "Invalid options type for " then check that you have an updated version of babel-core/cli/etc. If you are using greenkeeper, it will fail because it will only update the preset and not the other packages.

Since the last release we've created https://github.com/babel/notes to track discussions on our slack and features/changes that could be added - definetely check it out if you're interested in Babel's development!

Please join #discussion on slack if you have questions and #development for dev

Some small but very important additions in this release:

Preset options (babel/notes)

Initially, presets were supposed to be one-off sets of plugins that didn't have any configuration. If you wanted to do something different you would make your own presets. There are > 600 presets on npm now. We want to give users more flexibility in certain cases: like when you want to pass the same option to multiple presets or to remove a default plugin.

loose and modules options for babel-preset-es2015 (#3331, #3627)

This has been rather annoying. Having to install babel-preset-es2015-loose-native-modules seems rather crazy when it could be an option.

With #3627, you can pass 2 options in:

  • loose - Enable "loose" transformations for any plugins in this preset that allow them (Disabled by default).
  • modules - Enable transformation of ES6 module syntax to another module type (Enabled by default to "commonjs").
    Can be false to not transform modules, or one of ["amd", "umd", "systemjs", "commonjs"]
// for loose and native modules
  presets: [
    ["es2015", { "loose": true, "modules": false }]

Updates to babel-preset-stage-2

Coming Up

  • babel-preset-es2017, babel-preset-latest (still deciding the name), supporting codemods, and more!

New Feature

  • babel-core, babel-preset-es2015
    • #3627 es2015: transpile the preset, modify modules option to support "amd,umd,systemjs" as well, tests. (@hzoo)
    • #3331 Support passing options to presets.. (@loganfsmyth)
  • babel-preset-stage-1, babel-preset-stage-2

Bug Fix

  • babel-traverse


  • babel-plugin-transform-decorators
    • #3626 Show a more informative error message when using the decorator transf…. (@hzoo)


  • babel-types
    • #3628 Missing FlowType definition opts.deprecatedAlias. (@kpman)
  • babel-plugin-syntax-async-functions, babel-plugin-syntax-async-generators, babel-plugin-syntax-class-constructor-call, babel-plugin-syntax-class-properties, babel-plugin-syntax-decorators, babel-plugin-syntax-do-expressions, babel-plugin-syntax-exponentiation-operator, babel-plugin-syntax-export-extensions, babel-plugin-syntax-flow, babel-plugin-syntax-function-bind, babel-plugin-syntax-function-sent, babel-plugin-syntax-jsx, babel-plugin-syntax-object-rest-spread, babel-plugin-syntax-trailing-function-commas
    • #3604 Misc: remove deps from syntax plugins. (@hzoo)
  • babel-plugin-transform-inline-environment-variables, babel-plugin-transform-member-expression-literals, babel-plugin-transform-merge-sibling-variables, babel-plugin-transform-minify-booleans, babel-plugin-transform-node-env-inline, babel-plugin-transform-property-literals, babel-plugin-transform-remove-console, babel-plugin-transform-remove-debugger, babel-plugin-transform-simplify-comparison-operators, babel-plugin-transform-undefined-to-void
    • #3621 transfer minify plugins (will be in another repo). (@hzoo)
  • Other

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