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@hzoo hzoo released this Jul 6, 2018 · 614 commits to master since this release

v7.0.0-beta.52 (2018-07-06)


  • Deprecating the yearly/stage presets in v7 (will remove next beta). Ran npm deprecate on @babel/preset-es2015, @babel/preset-es2016, @babel/preset-es2017, @babel/preset-stage-0, @babel/preset-stage-1, @babel/preset-stage-2, @babel/preset-stage-3 only for versions >v7.0.0-beta.52. This means this will only break your build if you are using ^ in Babel v7 beta (which we have recommended against each release). (It is unfortunate that the default behavior of npm is to use ^ when using npm install though; haven't made an RFC for it yet).

  • The pipeline plugin must be configured with the minimal option. This is so people explicitly know the implementation that is being used, and someone will be able to implement and test out the other proposal options. After all, this proposal is in Stage 1 still and the semantics are being figured out: this is a great opportunity to specify via the config what people are using.

  "plugins": [["@babel/plugin-proposal-pipeline-operator", { "proposal": "minimal" }]]

💥 Breaking Change

  • babel-core
    • #8198 Prefer explicit object maps, and properly load relative maps.. (@loganfsmyth)
  • babel-plugin-proposal-class-properties, babel-plugin-proposal-decorators, babel-plugin-proposal-pipeline-operator, babel-plugin-syntax-pipeline-operator, babel-preset-stage-0, babel-preset-stage-1

🐛 Bug Fix

  • babel-types
    • #8273 Add visitor key for Flow typeArguments in call expressions. (@rubennorte)
  • babel-core
    • #8198 Prefer explicit object maps, and properly load relative maps.. (@loganfsmyth)
    • #8197 Allow @foo/babel-plugin as an unexpanded plugin name, and @foo as a shorthand for it.. (@loganfsmyth)
  • babel-plugin-transform-typescript
    • #8238 Typescript: Avoid stripping class properties when a decorator is set. (@pmdartus)

💅 Polish

🏠 Internal

  • babel-core, babel-helpers, babel-plugin-transform-async-to-generator, babel-plugin-transform-react-constant-elements, babel-preset-env
  • babel-core, babel-parser
    • #8259 upgrades eslint v5 (major), babel-eslint, eslint-plugin-flowtype, eslint-plugin-prettier. (@dnalborczyk)
  • babel-plugin-transform-modules-commonjs, babel-plugin-transform-runtime
  • babel-helper-fixtures, babel-plugin-proposal-class-properties, babel-plugin-transform-classes
    • #8208 Ensure that we don't get unexpected output files for tests that throw.. (@loganfsmyth)
  • babel-helper-transform-fixture-test-runner
  • Other
  • babel-parser
    • #8176 babel/parser: use charCodes throughout for improved sourcecode readability in tokenizer/parser.. (@GerHobbelt)
    • #8177 babel/parser: remove dead code: constant condition. (@GerHobbelt)

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